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Academic Advising
Useful Information

You are strongly encourage to visit the School's web pages for up-to-date information on the majors and minors and the course offerings and detailed course descriptions (including form of assessment, organization, prescribed reading, etc.). In addition, the Programme Handbook (for students admitted in a particular academic year) outlines the curriculum structure and requirements for each of the majors and minors, and identifies some of the advisory resources that are available to help you make the most of your studies. Consult the BA Regulations and Syllabuses and the Arts Faculty webpage for comprehensive information on the curricular options and requirements of the Bachelor of Arts (BA) programme.

Helpful Guidance

If you are interested in any of the major or minor programmes offered by the School of English or have questions about them, feel free to approach either the Undergraduate Coordinator or the administrative staff at the School Office. The UG Coordinator can advise you on the requirements of a major/minor and help you identify your academic interest, form study plans and develop career goals. Teachers of individual courses can advise you on how best to study for a particular course and will be happy to discuss your academic interests with you. The UG Internship Coordinator can advise you on the requirements of ENGL3040 Internship in English Studies (capstone experience) (Webpage: https://english.hku.hk/course/ENGL3040). If you have questions about compliance with regulations, application for credit transfer and online course enrolment, do not hesitate to consult the School Office. And if you encounter any difficulties in your studies or are unable to attend classes, make sure you contact your teachers and seek advice. Outside class, e-mail is often the best way to contact teachers.

Do not hesitate to seek help from the administrative staff at the Arts Faculty Office if you need advice regarding compliance with the BA regulations and graduation requirements.