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Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in English

The Groundbreaking Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing. Join Asia’s one-of-a-kind arts and research centre, located at the heart of The University of Hong Kong.

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing in English at HKU is an advanced degree in creative writing: the art and craft of telling your own story. The first of its kind in Hong Kong and Asia, the MFA at HKU features the contemporary creative voice in multilingual contexts. A customised combination of coursework, workshops, studios, and individual advising offers each student opportunities in the artistic environment of the Black Box to explore creative writing, design practices, and the wider vision of a writer’s “built environment” on global audiences. Each writer joins in a community of shared fellowship and passion for creative writing. The unique design of the programme, exploring history and contemporary practices, allows writers in Hong Kong to discover the flexibility of both voice and achievement through the intense study of literary fiction, poetry, drama, or creative nonfiction. The MFA at HKU will guide the art of creative writing across genres as well individual progress toward the creative thesis. It will look both to history and contemporary work internationally in the field. No programme can guarantee publication. At the same time, the MFA in creative writing will introduce approaches and plans for preparation of publishing in a writer’s chosen genre.

Through classes, workshops, individual advising, and participation in the Creative Writing Forum in the School of English, the programme aims to offer:

  • intense focus on an individual writer’s growing body of achievement, along with expertise in editing drafts with greater independence, accuracy, and historical awareness in the craft and discipline of creative writing
  • the discovery of common concerns, problems, and practices of creative writing in a community of fellow writers and scholars on campus
  • encouragement and continuity of creative writing in Hong Kong and internationally.

Admission requirements

To be eligible for admission to the programme, a candidate shall satisfy both the University Admission Requirements and the Programme Specific Requirements as listed below:

(a) shall comply with the General Regulations;

(b) shall

  1. hold a good Bachelor’s degree of this University; or a qualification of equivalent standard from this University or another comparable institution accepted for this purpose; and
  2. possess prior experience and knowledge of creative writing in English;

(c) for a candidate who is seeking admission on the basis of a qualification from a university or comparable institution outside Hong Kong of which the language of teaching and/or examination is not English, shall satisfy the University English language requirement applicable to higher degrees as prescribed under General Regulation G2(b).

The programme has set its minimum requirements with regard to TOEFL and IELTS as follows:

Test   Minimum requirement
TOEFL: Paper-based test (PBT)   Overall score of 550 with 4 in Test of Written English (TWE); or
TOEFL: Internet-based test (iBT)   Overall score of 80 with 25 in Writing; or
IELTS   Band 7 with no subtest lower than 5.5

Note: Only TOEFL/IELTS scores recorded in the two years before the date of application are considered.

(d) shall satisfy the examiners in a qualifying examination and/or interview if required.


On successful completion of the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in English programme , students should be able to: 

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of history and contemporary practices in the field of creative writing and point of view, with a focus in the field of the multilingual and global creative writer.
  2. Analyze with critical and creative skills in the practices of creative perspective and communications internationally, across contemporary and fluid developments of genre and multimedia platforms.
  3. Analyze the problems and productive junctures of period and craft in the field of creative writing and design, along with the identifying major and pivotal moments in language practices and communications for the creative writer.
  4. Identify and practice critical and creative strategies of revision through collaborative workshops and studios, developing expertise in creative approaches for public circulation and dissemination.
  5. Prepare under supervision an original creative work in multilingual contexts eligible for submission to international and professional standards of publication in the field.
  6. Prepare for professional participation in the field of creative writing through guided work in the ‘built environments’ of contemporary creative practices and writing: including professional literary journals, creative agencies, and online presence.

Click here for the pdf version.

Credit Unit Statement

Click here for the pdf version.

Programme Structure

The Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in English is a one-year full-time programme that runs over two semesters. The programme is designed to support the multilingual creative writer, as well as all writers currently drafting in English. This unique studio-based curriculum consists of five single-semester courses, one two-semester capstone experience of the Creative Thesis, and a compulsory two-semester History of Practice course. Courses in the programme feature Global Foundation courses, Advanced Workshops, and Craft Courses for all writers, including unique Black Box Studio design courses for the creative writer, as well as sustained Individual Advising for each writer. Each of these courses will contribute to the writer’s own vision and culminating Creative Thesis, while emphasising the rigorous coursework, readings and studies needed to realise it.

Please find the Regulations & Syllabuses 2024-25 for your reference.





1. Full Year Courses (including a programme capstone course):

  • ENGL7514: The History of Practice
  • ENGL7996: The Classic and Experimental Writers’ Workshop and Advising (capstone experience)
  27 credits

2. Semester 1 Courses

  • ENGL7507: Creative Foundations I: Macro Structure and History
  • ENGL7508: Creative Foundations II: Microscope on the Given and the Made
  18 credits

3. Semester 2 Courses

  • ENGL7509: Creative Life Stories: Narrating the Life Story of a Project, Person or Dream
  • ENGL7510: Workshopping Your Creative Vision
  • ENGL7511: Ritual, Habit and Creative Practice
  24 credits

Total (1)+(2)+(3)

78 credits

69 credits


Course Code   PROGRAMME
ENGL7514   The History of Practice (9 Credits)
ENGL7996   The Classic and Experimental Writers’ Workshop and Advising (capstone experience) (18 credits)
SEMESTER 1 Courses
Course Code   PROGRAMME
ENGL7507   Creative Foundations I: Macro Structure and History (9 credits)
ENGL7508   Creative Foundations II: Microscope on the Given and the Made (9 credits)
SEMESTER 2 Courses
Course Code   PROGRAMME
ENGL7509   Creative Life Stories: Narrating the Life Story of a Project, Person or Dream (9 credits)
ENGL7510   Workshopping Your Creative Vision (9 credits)
ENGL7511   Ritual, Habit and Creative Practice (6 credits)

Programme fees

2024-25: HK$290,000 per annum (*Subject to the University's approval)

Candidates who have accepted a conditional offer will be asked to pay the 1st instalment of tuition fees.

***Once you have paid the initial deposit to secure your place on the programme, please note that it is NOT transferable to other Taught Postgraduate Programmes at HKU or refundable in any way.***


Email                mfahku@hku.hk