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Seminar Series
2013-2014 Second Semester

Unless otherwise specified, all seminars are on Thursdays and will begin at 5:00 pm in Room CRT-7.45, 7/F, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU.

13 Feb 2014
Professor Dr Peter Siemund, University of Hamburg
How multilingual are Singaporeans really? A sociolinguistic analysis of multilingualism amongst university and polytechnic students in Singapore
20 Feb 2014
Dr Ruth Hung, Hong Kong Baptist University
Red nostalgia: Commemorating Mao in our time
27 Feb 2014
Dr Julia Kuehn, The University of Hong Kong
Colonial Cosmopolitanism? Albert Smith and Rudyard Kipling in Hong Kong
06 Mar 2014
Dr Haewon Hwang, The University of Hong Kong
Unfolding the Terrorist Plot: Revolution and Conspiracy in Late-Victorian and Modern Fiction
20 Mar 2014
Dr Wendy Gan, The University of Hong Kong
From Peril to Pity: The Transformations of Mr. Wu
27 Mar 2014
Aaron Anfinson, The University of Hong Kong
'ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US': heteroglossia, language and laughter
03 Apr 2014
Professor Tim Simpson, University of Macau
Casino Capitalism and the Biopolitical Metropolis: Macau's Role in China's Economic Transformation
10 Apr 2014
Professor Chris Hutton, The University Hong Kong
John Money, Noam Chomsky and the origins of the sex/gender distinction
17 Apr 2014
Professor Elaine Ho, The University of Hong Kong
Beginnings: Anglophone Literature and the "Hong Kong" Story
24 Apr 2014
Dr Tammy Ho, Hong Kong Baptist University
Contesting (Post-)colonialism: Jane Eyre, Wide Sargasso Sea and Three Neo- Victorian Rejoinders
30 Apr 2014
Rita Kelly, The University of Hong Kong
Translating the other on more equitable terms - striving to transform Sino-British relations in Timothy Mo's An Insular Possession