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About Us
Welcome to the School of English at the University of Hong Kong

The School of English engages in research and provides instruction at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in literary and cultural studies, English linguistics and Language and Communication.

Under the BA curriculum we offer major and minor programmes in English Studies and Language and Communication. English Studies is the scholarly investigation of the English language and its many uses in social and historical contexts. It prominently includes the study of literature(s) written in English as well as creative writing. Both the language and the literatures are studied from multiple perspectives, linguistic ones and literary ones, and also including critical and cultural theory. Our English Studies programme has a strong cross-cultural orientation, recognizing English as a language of global communication and world literature, a language which people make their own, creatively and habitually, all over the world.  Language and Communication is an interdisciplinary programme that centres on the study of the use of language in society in a multilingual, globalized world, with a particular focus on languages of global import, such as English, as well as those with local significance, and how they are appropriated and positioned in the multilingual, cosmopolitan contexts of Asia. The programme provides the theoretical foundations and applied contexts for understanding and addressing linguistic and social questions of language and communication.

The School also contributes to the teaching of the BA&BEd in Language Education (English) and the BA&LLB double degree programmes.

Our teaching staff is broadly international and currently comprises eighteen academics who work in different areas of English literary studies and linguistics.

Our courses are designed to be interesting, challenging, and rigorous. Our emphasis is on critical and independent thinking, and we hope to prepare students to face a technologically advanced, globally competitive, and culturally open society. We incorporate a variety of teaching and learning methods, including formal lectures, seminars, small group tutorials, workshops, and online learning.

We provide supervision for research postgraduate degrees (M.Phil. and Ph.D.) and also offer two taught postgraduate programmes, a Master of Arts in English Studies and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in English.