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Seminar Series
2015-2016 Second Semester

Unless otherwise specified, all seminars are on Thursdays and will begin at 5:00 pm in Room CRT-7.45, 7/F, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU. Questions, corrections, or comments to Dr Jessica Valdez.

21 Jan 2016
Professor Alan Durant, The University of Hong Kong and Middlesex University
A Study in Key Words: Analysing the Semantic Field of Power, Law and Legitimacy
28 Jan 2016
Dr. Marcel Burger, University of Lausanne, Centre for Linguistics and Language Sciences
Back to Mediating Media: When Inventing a Digital Identity Legitimates the Debate
25 Feb 2016
Professor Chan Kil Park, Ewha Womans University
English Studies in Asia: Does It Make Sense?
03 Mar 2016
Dr. Evelyn Chan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Conrad and the Ethics of Inheritance
17 Mar 2016
Ms. Du Biyu, The University of Hong Kong
The bilingual trial: access to interpreting, communication and participation in Chinese criminal courts
31 Mar 2016
Ms. Carmen Tomfohrde, The University of Hong Kong
Conversion and Culture Change: Narrating Failures and Impacts of Early Christian Missionaries in Polynesia
07 Apr 2016
Ms. Alexandra Campbell, University of Glasgow
From Robinson Crusoe to Iain Crichton Smith: Island Ecologies in Scottish Literature
14 Apr 2016
Professor Hans-Georg Wolf, Potsdam University
Military English and Cultural Linguistics (Room 758, Run Run Shaw Tower)
21 Apr 2016
Dr. Brook Bolander, The University of Hong Kong
Shifting values of English for the transnational Ismaili Muslim community
28 Apr 2016
Dr. Jon Orman, The University of Hong Kong
Scientism in the language sciences
24 May 2016
Dr. Danica Salazar, University of Oxford
Hong Kong English in the Oxford English Dictionary
31 May 2016
Dr. James Mussell, University of Leeds
Telling Tales about Chlorodyne: Nineteenth-Century Print Culture and the Secret Character of Things