John Biscello


Muhamed Fajkovic
The Jacket 7
May Dy
Story One, from Two Stories 11
Fani Papageorgiou:
The HKU International Poetry Prize 2012, Recognition of Merit 17
Fani Papageorgiou
The Knowledge 19
Tea Stains on Cups 20
Bedtime 21
How does Love End 22
The Law of Averages 23
The Glasgow Coma Scale 24
The Mood 25
How Can You Ever Leave Anything Behind 26
Shannon Guerreso
Shinkansen 27
Belle Ling
Interview with Wilson Chik: Chief Editor of Thirtyspokes,
the new literary magazine of Hong Kong published in Risograph print 35
Nebeolisa Okwudili
Last Supper 43
Margaret Karmazin
Friends Who Have Cancer 52
Holly Day
When I Die 62
May Dy
Story Two, from Two Stories 63
Changming Yuan
Recalloing: For Yuan Hongqi 70
Kwong Hiu Tung
The Victory 71
Henri Cole:
Visiting Poet at The University of Hong Kong, University Artists Scheme 77
Henri Cole
Twilight 80
Beach Walk 82
Gravity and Center 83
Broom 84
Hens 85
Pig 86
Oil & Steel 87
Laughing Monster 88
Myself Departing 89
Hairy Spider 90
Boris Zubry
How to Win at Chess 91