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Moving Poetry is a project presented by the School of English, the University of Hong Kong. In a series of creative writing workshops offered in the summer, the University wishes to bring to Hong Kong students the kind of imagination and passion for creative writing that can be kindled in young writers everywhere.

We hope that writing creatively will bring students the thrill of experimenting with all of their senses and encourage the kind of perceptive observations that will make them alive to the sights, sounds, smells and feel of their surroundings, their motivations, and the extraordinary city Hong Kong. We also expect that the students will bring back to their teachers and classrooms new skills and self-confidence that will help them throughout their studies in school.

Published poets will be teaching the summer classes in July and August, held, in the Main Building, at The University of Hong Kong.

Six workshops: Two-three classes per week for each student, 90 minutes per workshop, will be offered. 

Ten hours of workshop: There will be a total of 9 class hours, plus an extra hour on the last day for recognition of students' achievements, making a total of 10 hours for each student.  

*Small classes: Each class will have a minimum of 15 and no more than 20 students. The students will receive weekly assignments, and by the end of the course they will have learned skills entitling them to earn a certificate of achievement in writing from Moving Poetry and even an award or merit-based scholarship.

*Moving Poetry holds the right to cancel scheduled classes that do not meet the minimum enrolment, unexpected change of personnel and bad weather conditions.

Tuition: Each student will be charged HK$1,860 for a total of 10 hours per course.

(Students who require financial assistance could apply for Need-Based Scholarship during the registration period. Applicants should provide valid supporting documents before the end of the registration period. Based on a case-to-case approval, Moving Poetry may offer partial or a full scholarship to students requiring financial assistance to cover the tuition fee of the enrolled set of Moving Poetry workshops.)

Contact: Ms. Marina Ma, Director of Creative Writing Programmes at

Moving Poetry Summer Classes 2005
The Summer Classes of 2005 marked a new and important phase for Moving Poetry.

A series of six creative writing workshops, taught by published poets in small groups, were hosted in the Creative Writing Forum at The University of Hong Kong. The classes hoped to bring to students the kind of imagination and passion for creative writing that can be kindled in young writers everywhere.

Poets Tim Kaiser, Eddie Tay and Yuen Che-hung taught the workshops this summer, which were held in July and August. The overall feedback was highly positive. Among the many comments we received, here are a few: "I know how to see things in a different way"; "how to imagine things"; "how to link ideas"; "how to co-operate with my friends"; "how to write poems!"

The main idea of Moving Poetry is that writing creatively brings students the thrill of experimenting with all of their senses and encourages the kind of perceptive observations that will make them alive to their surroundings, reading, the beauty of organization, and of course more opportunities for writing! We also hope that after joining our programs students will bring back to their teachers and classrooms new skills and self-confidence that will help them throughout their studies in school.

We look forward to the Summer Classes of 2006-to welcoming back some of you who have joined us through the years and to meeting new writers with ideas just at the tips of your tongues.

In the meantime, if you are writing new poems, or revising ones that you have already started, we would love to hear from you.

Warm wishes,

Mônica Hall

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Testimonials - Moving Poetry Summer Classes 2005

Parents' comments:

"[My daughter] learnt to think more creatively. She found writing can be fun."

"I strongly agree that the program helps my daughter in writing creatively and have more confidence in her writing."

"Very constructive and valuable experience. [My child] was extremely involved and enthusiastic. Hoping to join in the coming year."

"Joseph has learned to think creatively and has begun to use ideas and words he has not used before. Joseph enjoyed the workshop tremendously. He thought it was fun and useful."

"I was surprised that my child wrote entertaining and sometimes amusing poems! The workshop did give him a chance to explore/unlock his imaginative thinking. From this workshop, I learned that he writes poetry quite well."

Students' comments:

" I love it! Hope I can attend more Moving Poetry lessons."

"Thank you!"

"Moving Poetry is great! I am definitely coming here next summer!"

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Summer poems

My brother goes to Australia I want to be blue
Coffee 13 Ways of Looking at a Cat
Questions When I was a baby . . .
Students Colour
A Small Furry Creature Cat
Summer Mouse
The Gardner The Book
I want to be The Book
The Broken Street  

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My brother goes to Australia

My brother is green today.
Because the leaves are green
he goes on a trip by himself.
The airplane is orange and dark blue;
it sounds like a lion.
He loooks excited.
Two people are sitting on his left.
When he looks at them,
they look like a hippo
eating their dinner.
When he was in Australia,
two people took him to their home.
He sees many people in there
but he doesn't know it.
Now he is in school
and learing English.

By Emily Chu

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In the mug,
There is coffee.
In the coffee,
There is caffeine.
In caffeine,
There is a devil,
That causes sickness.

I like the coffee,
Though it is unhealthy.
Though it is unhealthy,
It tastes great.
Though it tastes great,
It tastes bitter.
Though it tastes bitter,
I still like it.

By Karen Ho

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Why is time calculated
In seconds and minutes?

Who turns the eaves
Yellow in autumn?
How can he do this
Without anyone noticing?
Do the snows know the way
To Hong Kong?

Who says the boys can't
Wear skirts?

What will happen if
Animals fall as rain?

If an alien comes to Hong Kong
Will we say "welcome" to him?

How will a ghost feel
When we get through to his body?

If I become invisible
Can my body organs work properly?

Why do we know cats
Are called "cats"
If they
Haven't told us their name?

If I travel through the past
Will that "me" in the past
Identify me?

By Allie Kwong

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Near the lively
in the
leaning on
the wall
there stood
a bunch
of students
holding a
flag with
no spirit

By Edward Lam

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A Small Furry Creature

I am puny and timid,
but I am a nuisance to the cats.

I am greedy and hungy,
so the harder is my haven.

I am furry and warm
but I am a pain in the neck.

By Christopher Lam

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Sweat on our bodies
Umbrellas on our hands
Mackintoshes on children's bodies
Madly the sun is on the sky
Elated people on the beach
Remember your summer without school days.

By Carol Lau

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The Gardner

The fountain
pumps up
and spits
it out
in a frothing spray

The gardener
the cool fountain water
and waters
the plants
with a long
metal can

The day
is hot
but the fountain
is cool
as is the gardener
who wears
a wide
straw hat

By Maximilian Lau

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I want to be

I want to be purple
because purple is lavender
That smells fantastic.

I want to be golden
because golden is a thousand dollars
That everyone loves.

By Jocelyn Li

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The Broken Street

On the broken street
Shadows and dark forces meet
The noise is broken. A dark hissing
On this street there is always
Something missing
Lights flicker in the dark
The emptiness, just like a shark,
Engulfs you in the boken streeet
Where shadows and dark forces meet.

By Lian Hao Chong

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I want to be blue
because the ocean is blue,
a home for the fish.

I want to be yellow
because eggs are yellow
and I eat them for

I want to be orange
because Garfield is orange.
He is fat and funny.

By Carl Mok

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13 Ways of Looking at a Cat

  1. If the mouse is running, the cat is chasing.
  2. If the birds are flying, the cat is climbing.
  3. If the fish is swimming, the cat is fishing.
  4. If the dog is chasing, the cat is escaping.
  5. If the children are playing, the cat is sleeping.
  6. If the owner is reading, the cat is playing.
  7. If the cook is cooking, the cat is meowing.
  8. If people are sleeping, the cat is stealing.
  9. If the person is minding his own business, the cat is jumping out of the cupboard.
  10. If the wolf is coming, the cat is hiding.
  11. If the clown is coming, the cat is laughing.
  12. If another cat is coming, the cat is fighting.
  13. If things are happening, the cat is doing something.

By Kelvin Mok

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When I was a baby . . .

When I was a baby,
I was in a "prison".
I always wanted to escape,
And that was my mission.
I always wanted to get free.
I tore dad's books, not even to have a look!
When I was happy I grabbed my bear tight,
But when I was sad we had a fight.
Once my head went red
Because I bumped my head.

By Joseph Tsang

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Red are roses that grow in spring
And Gold is money I use to buy snacks.

Grey is for dust that I
hate very much
and White is snow that makes me shiver.

Black is a thief
who comes into our houses
and steals our things.

By Bertha Tsui

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I am careful and my body
is full of fur
I eat mice and fisht to
I am lazy and fat


I am tiny
I live in a tiny hole
I am a friend of
a lizard
I steal food at night

By Daphne Wong

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The Book

When I took out a book from the shelf
I saw a white cage.
Inside the cage was a bird,
A black and lonely bird.
Outside the cage
Everything was azure
Azure as snow.
The bird lamented signs of sorow,
The bird was desolate, the lack of freedom.
I could taste the bitterness of the bird.

By Jane Wong

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The Book

The cover is blue.
It smells of the fresh air by the sea.
It tastes of fantasy. The stories must be interesting.
I hear the night breeze blowing,
the horses' hooves thunderiing as they approach from the distance.
I feel the smooth cover once more,
then I open the book.

By Andrea Yeung

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