Moving Poetry is a project presented by the English Department of the University of Hong Kong. Through coordinated programs, the University wishes to bring to Hong Kong the kind of imagination and passion for creative writing that can be kindled in students everywhere. The classroom in Moving Poetry is noncompetitive. It opens up a space for both independence and cooperation, allowing maximum range for students' creativity. It also supports the basics of English by teaching students one of the most fundamental forms of expression in every language, poetry. Students work in groups and individually with basic patterns and rhythm. They practice observing and writing imaginatively and accurately. As students complete their own poems, they also join with others in seeing things with fresh vision.   

Moving Poetry offers unique opportunities to Hong Kong students and teachers. Moving Poetry maintains the highest standards at The University of Hong Kong in offering creative workshops in writing in English. All workshops are led by published poets. These workshops allow for experimentation and achievement in creative use of language. They allow students to develop precision and joy in working with language. We trust that students will bring back to their classrooms new skills and self-confidence, helping them throughout their studies in school.