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Cartoons, Creativity, Censorship

Like most political cartoonists, Larry Feign doesn’t back down from sensitive subjects. His hardheadedness has gotten him fired before – from the South China Morning Post – but it’s won him ample credibility. His cartoons have appeared in Time, Newsweek, The Economist, Fortune, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Der Spiegel, and Pravda, to name a few, and he’s produced animated cartoons for Cartoon Network and Disney. He’s also published fifteen books and received a number of awards.

At this wide-ranging talk, he’ll touch upon the career of a cartoonist, using satire as a form of expression and dissent, differences between Chinese and Western humor, self-censorship (both in China and abroad), and the roadblocks ahead for satirical cartoons in Hong Kong and abroad. The presentation is amply illustrated with many cartoons.


Larry Feign is an award-winning writer and artist, author of 20 books of humour and cartoons for adults and children, who has also directed animated cartoons for Cartoon Network and Disney Television. He lives on Lantau Island with his wife, two dogs, and the occasional uninvited snake. His mother still wishes he were a doctor.