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MAES Student Creative Projects
Student (Grad Year)   Title
CHEN, Yunzhi, LEI, Bangqin and WU, Miaona (2019)   Postcards of the Windrush Generation
CHUI, Yeuk Ling (2019)   In the Visible Cities
LEUNG, Yan Kei (2019)   Re-constructing the Female Flânerie and Space in Jean Rhys’s Good Morning, Midnight and Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway
LO, Chun Lam (2019)   Transhuman Anatomy
MORECI, Jack Vincent (2019)   Mythologizing American Hybridity Abroad: Notes on a Poem
NGAI, Beverly Hiu Wai (2019)   “Deadly Silence”: A Poem
CHEUNG, Yuen Ting Maggie (2020)   The Modernist and Contemporary Flâneuses
LI, Lai Nam Anna (2020)   Paper Halves
NAM, Wonjung Grace (2020)   Identity Crises
XU, Yinan Helen (2020)   Mirror - A concrete poetry
XU, Ziyu Zoe (2020)   Dear Mr Baldwin
Student (Grad Year)   Title
CHEONG, Hio Mei (2019)   Be Water – Hong Kong English Reimagined
CHEUNG, Sui King Carrie (2019)   “Take, Tag, Told” - An Interactive Game Booth
GAO, Shenghan (2019)   The Worry of David
HUANG, Jingwen (2019)   「Guangdong Cantonese」&「Hong Kong Cantonese」Street Interviews
LAI, Shimin (2019)   The Wall of News
TAI, Ching Joseph (2019)   English Media Portrayal of COVID-19 in Hong Kong and the US
KWONG Cameron (2020)   A Virtual Tour of Hong Kong's Building Names
LAM Ka Foon Matt (2020)   Does Accent Matter to You?
LUI Ki Ki (2020)   Creative Project
WU Zhipeng (2020)   Re-reading of MTR Warning Label
YIP Ying Tung (2020)   A New Teaching Era: Using L1 (Cantonese) in teaching English?
YUNG Lok Tin Oliver (2020)   The Unseen Ideologies are the Deadliest