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2018-19 Full-time

The newly offered full-time taught Master's programme provides a unique opportunity to pursue in-depth studies in English Linguistics and Literature, taught by leading specialists in the field. Full-time students will also have the option of specialising in either the literature or linguistics stream, allowing them to gain more expertise in their chosen area of study. The programme will also include a new, exciting capstone experience that will culminate in a research paper and a creative project to be presented at a conference for the academic and wider community.

Students will be introduced to a wide range of domains in English Linguistics and Literature. Along with introductory courses that provide foundational knowledge, Linguistics courses include Global Englishes, Cultural Semiotics, Politics of English. Literary courses include Travel Writing and Culture, World Modernism and Global Fictions.

Our cross-cultural approach to English language and literature takes advantage of Hong Kong's historical, geographical and political background and discusses language and literature in relation to its position in the global world. Overseas students are welcome to apply for a student visa through the university.

For more information and application details, please contact maesft@hku.hk.


The MA in English Studies consists of two introductory courses (9 credits each), four seminar courses (6 credits each), and a capstone experience (18 credits) in the form of a final research project and a conference paper to be presented at a conference on a Saturday in early May. This conference will be open to the academic and wider community.

Core courses

Please note that not all elective courses listed below will necessarily be offered every year.

Elective courses (Linguistics)
Elective courses (Literature)
Final capstone course
ENGL7998   Capstone Experience: Final Research Project

The introductory core courses will be held in the evenings, Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm. Some elective courses will be offered in the evenings and others in the daytime.

Each session may consist of a lecture, workshop, students' presentations or other form of in-class learning. Students' attendance and participation in all courses are required.

Programme Structure

The full-time MAES programme is an intensive one-year course that runs over two semesters, 12 weeks each. In Semester 1, student will take two introductory courses, as well as two elective courses in Linguistics and Literature. In Semester 2, students will have the option of specialising in either the Linguistics or Literature stream and can choose two more electives from above, depending on their area of interest. In addition, the students will develop a final research project in the capstone course in the second semester, culminating in a paper and a presentation at a conference.

Please find the Regulations & Syllabuses 18-19 for your information.

Semester One : 3 September to 22 December 2018
Semester Two: 14 January to 25 May 2019

HKU Calendar for the Academic Year 2018-19 (For Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Students)

Timetables of MAES Full-time for the students admitted in 2018-19

**Apart from ENGL7101 which will start on 10 September due to the MA Party (3 September), the first classes of the other courses will start from the first week of Semester 1 (3-7 September, 2018).


For more information, please contact maesft@hku.hk.

Programme Directors

Dr. Amanda Cheung
School of English
The University of Hong Kong
E-mail: amanche@hku.hk

Dr. Haewon Hwang
School of English
The University of Hong Kong
E-mail: haewonh@hku.hk