Sample Poems

Light green happy monster
Apple red fresh air
Lime green cold sun
Dark black scary toilet

— Chan Derrel
S.H.K. Tin Wan Chi Nam Primary School

I own a city where
A man is walking in the street,
Where people sing to him.
The music is a man
And he sings lonely in the room.

— Mok Kimberly
Form 3, Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping


Blue tastes like soda water
Putting on blue is wearing waves
Blue feels as cool as winter
And it always says "Qoo".

— Lam Yeung Yeung
Primary 4, SHK Tin Wan Chi Nam Primary School
Law Ho Fan Royce

Yellow Circles

A lily bulb is a yellow circle
It is good to make soup
Silent and sweet taste
smells like flowers
I love to eat lily bulb circles

— Yu Sze Chun Jason
Primary 5, Maryknoll Fathers' School

Primary 4, SHK Tin Wan Chi Nam Primary School
A Visit To Hong Kong

Hong Kong is
seven thousand
sugar sweet monkeys
on a hot,
sunny day

Swinging from
palm tree
lime tree
chatting shrilly...
bumping into each other


— Tsui Anjali
Diocesan Girls' Junior School

A flat in Fo Tan has a blue duck with an orange fish.
My grandmother lives in Canada happily.
I drink neither orange juice nor tea.
We all have a big refrigerator.
I give my grandmother a rose.
And I - Thomas Pang love my grandmother.

My grandmother flies to H.K. last week.
She buys us an expensive refrigerator.
This is the birthday present for Thomas Pang.
She likes to use a rose cup to drink water.

My grandmother lives with us in Fo Tan.
She puts a cup of tea in the refrigerator.
She loves the rose that Thomas Pang gives her.

— Pang Thomas
Primary 5, Stewards Pooi Kei School

Happiness is...

Happiness is dreaming and going zzzzzzzz.
Happiness is when I feel very tired and go zzzzzzz.
Happiness is when I want to relax and go zzzzzzzz.
Happiness is when I forget everything and go zzzzzzzz.
When I go zzzzzzzz and my mother wakes me up - that's not happiness!

— Lo Sin Ha Ada
Form 3, Kiangsu-Chekiang College (Shatin)

In my home

There is a living room,
In the living room,
There is a table,
On the table,
There is a basket,
In the basket,
There is an apple,
In the apple,
There is a little life,
And the little life is

— Wong Chun Yin
Form 1, Queen Elizabeth School Old Students' Association Secondary School

Red sun hot
Yellow moon cold
Long pink dress
Small green leaves

— Au Yeung Chi Ho Michael
Buddhist Chan Shi Wan Primary School (A.M.)

The Bus

The old bus
The old, bumpy bus
The old, bumpy, uncomfortable bus
The old, bumpy, uncomfortable, ugly bus
The old, bumpy, uncomfortable, ugly, loaded bus...
that is taking you to jump into the sea

— Au Long Yin
Tak Sun School

Turkish Delight

Sweet Turkish delight
Sweet, yummy Turkish delight
Sweet, yummy, expensive Turkish delight
Sweet, yummy, expensive, chewy Turkish delight
Sweet, yummy, expensive, chewy, hard-to-buy Turkish delight
Sweet, yummy, expensive, chewy, hard-to-buy, sticky, Turkish delight...
that would disappear through my mouth. Crunch!

Ngai Noelle
Diocesan Girls' Junior School

Hong Kong is
On the run
Never stops

Kinetic energy
Of people who
Give up.

— Ng Kwok Leung Brian
F.1., Kiangsu Chekiang College (Shatin)

My New Dictionary

Queen-- naughty babies who keep throwing their toys in every direction.
Friend-- a blue, rare tiger which very kind.
Freedom-- a vehicle that people will use to travel to the past.
Brother-- green, smelly berries which are only found in South Africa.
Space--a petient who is going to die of a heartattack.
Girls-- African boys who are very healthy.
Happiness--crazy neon light who zap people.
Lost--to stare at the balckboard when all the students are day dreaming in the class.
Hexagen--a tool that toads use to make a birthday cake for their children.

— Kho Chun Hin Kevin
Form 2, Queen's College

The Peak

Is a fresh rainbow
which begins
at Tsing Ma Bridge
with sharp red,
light yellow,
banana green,
bright blue
and lilac
coming after
the bitter rain,
a baby music
and quietly

— Se Cheuk Him Himmy
S.H.K. Tin Wan Chi Nam Primary School

The first time
I went to the kindergarten.
My mother held my hand,
And put me in front of the teacher.
She asked me to introduce myself,
So I did.
Then, she said that
She had to leave.
I burst into tears suddenly
Because I felt frightened.
I'll never forget these images:
My mom's shadow out of my sight slowly.
And a little girl cried loudly
In front of the kindergarten.
My teacher held me,
And asked me to say goodbye to my mom,
But I didn't

— Lau Carmen
Form 3, Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping

Hong Kong,
Yes you, Hong Kong,
I know it's kinda noisy
But for once, listen to me:
Stop that construction, Stop that horn!
Stop those shouting, Shut those phones.
Shut the baby, ban all cars,
And listen to the bird
Which still exists
And the breeze
On those

— Lee Simon
F.3, Shatin Methodist College

Hong Kong is

...A parrot,
flying wobbly,
and talking in
a bossy sort of way.

...A blooming flower,
sparkling and
always changing...
and finally
picked by me.

...A golden world,
always full of sunshine,
and filled with

...A bag of Smarties,
that everyone wants to eat...
Oh! I would like to try!

...A burning fireplace,
which makes everyone sweat.

...A city sweet and sour
mixed together.
It is sometimes
as sweet as my cute baby sister.
On the other hand,
Hong Kong
makes me vomit
because the people
is so rude
and the environment
is so grey
and gloomy.
After all,
it's quite good

— Leung Lydia
Diocesan Girls' Junior School