William Powell Frith, The Railway Station (1862). Royal Holloway College, London.


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Thursday 10 July

9.00-9.30 Registration
(3rd Floor, Run Run Shaw Tower, HKU)
9.30-9.45 Welcome
(Room 304)
9.45-11.15 Keynote: Josephine McDonagh, 'Transported: Edward Wakefield and the Movement of Populations in the Era of Print'
(Room 304; chair: Julia Kuehn)
11.15-11.30 Coffee Break
11.30-1.00 Panel 1
  1A: Travel Fictions
(Room 307; chair: Madeleine Seys)
  • Kate Newey, ‘Pantomime Utopias – Around the World and Back Again’
  • Mandy Treagus, ‘“The Enemy of Romance”: Fictions of the Pacific in the Fin de Siècle
  • Sharin Schroeder, ‘She and He: Travel Fiction, Borrowing, and Literary Plagiarism’

1B: New Women and New Mobilities
(Room 315; chair: Megan Brown)

  • Simon Abernethy, ‘Women on the Railways in Greater London 1870-1914’
  • Elaine Pigeon, ‘The New Woman’s Chinese Sisters: From Cinderella to Anti-foot-binding Campaigners’
  • Carolyn Lake, ‘Agency through Mobility: Young Women and Labour Fiction in late-Victorian London’

1C: Transporting Ideas: Education, Democracy, Domesticity and Aesthetics
(Room 316; chair: Jock Macleod)

  • Sheila Cordner, ‘Transporting “Cram”’
  • Lucy Hartley, ‘Importing Democracy, Exporting Liberty’
  • Lesa Scholl, ‘Hungry for a New Home, Transporting Domesticity in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Mary Barton (1848) and Henry Mayhew’s London Labour and the London Poor (1851-52)’
1.00-2.30 Lunch
(The Eliot Room, 14th Floor, K. K. Leung Building)
2.30-4.00 Panel 2
  2A: Asia To and Fro
(Room 307; chair: Julia Kuehn)
  • Song Gang, ‘The Victorian Remaking of the Celestial Empire: Images of Late Qing China from the Illustrated London News
  • Han-sheng Wang, ‘Importing Heathen Savagery to the Metropole: Empire, Missionary Writing, and Ethnography in George Leslie MacKay’s and William Campbell’s Memoirs about Nineteenth-Century Formosa’
  • Julia Kuehn, ‘Cosmopolites, Tourists or Imperial Daughters? Constance Cumming and Isabella Bird in Hong Kong, 1878’

2B: The Public and the Private
(Room 315; chair: Barbara Pauk)

  • Joanne Wilkes, ‘Intellectual or Physical Transport? The Case of Elizabeth Julia Hasell and Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine
  • Yi-Ching Teng, ‘Walking in the Dark: Flâneurs in The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • Leanne Page, ‘Transporting Secrets, Transgressing Boundaries: The Fraught Pockets of the Sensation Genre’

2C: Sensationalist Wilkie Collins
(Room 316; chair: Haewon Hwang)

  • Jessica Valdez, ‘Transporting Lydia Gwilt: Wilkie Collins’s Armadale and Victorian Crime News’
  • Wen-lin Lan, ‘Transfer of Malice: Wilkie Collins’s The Moonstone
  • Christine Choi Williams, ‘“The Lady is Ugy!”: Sensational Humor and the Mobilization of the Reader’
4.00-4.30  Coffee Break
4.30-6.00 Keynote: Stephen Davies, ‘Terminal Dilemma: Hong Kong’s Waterfront 1841-1891’
(Room 304; chair: Douglas Kerr)
6.00 Lion Dance
(G/F, outside Chi Wah Learning Commons, beside Run Run Shaw Tower)
6.30  Wine Reception and ‘Victorian Transport’ Exhibition
(G/F, Chi Wah Learning Commons, beside Run Run Shaw Tower)


Friday 11 July

9.00-10.30 Keynote: Peter McNeil, ‘“The Sunflower Poet”: Oscar Wilde’s Travelling Dress in North America’
(Room 304; chair: Jock Macleod)
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break
11.00-12.30  Panel 3
  3A: The Empire and Bodily ‘Delights’
(Room 307; chair: Lesa Scholl)
  • Ross Forman, ‘Asian Foods, Western Tastes: The Transportation of Chinese Cuisines across “Greater Britain”’
  • Cecilia Leong-Salobir, ‘Cookbooks in Transit: Transporting and Translating Culinary Practices in Colonial Asia’
  • Alexis Easley, ‘The Bourgeois Body at Home and Abroad: Tattooing in Illustrated British Periodicals of the 1890s’

3B: Transporting George Eliot
(Room 315; chair: Joanne Wilkes)

  • Stephen Hancock, ‘Percy Bysshe Shelley’s Love and George Eliot’s Welcoming Soul’
  • Oliver Lovesey, ‘Going Glocal: Transport in George Eliot’
  • Margaret Harris, ‘Marian Evans Transported: Fictional Recreations of George Eliot’

3C: From Beginnings to Endings; or, Rail Tracks Above and Below
(Room 316; chair: Simon Abernethy)

  • Jason Hall, ‘Networking the New Prosody: Railway Measurement and Mid-Victorian Metrics’
  • Haewon Hwang, ‘Signal Failure and “Diabolical Plots”: Transporting Terror in the London Underground’
  • Nicola Kirkby, ‘“For ever quiet Passengers”: Post-Mortem Travel and the Necropolitan Terminus’
12.30-2.00 Lunch
(The Eliot Room, 14th Floor, K. K. Leung Building)
2.00-3.30 Panel 4
  4A: Mobilising Change and Changing Mobilities: The Indian Empire
(Room 307; chair: Gargi Gangopadhyay)
  • Muireann O’Cinneide, ‘Wheels Coming Off the Empire: Transport, Flight and Gender in Victorian Accounts of the 1857-8 Indian Uprising’
  • Tara Puri, ‘“Our Indian Sisters”: Victorian Women’s Magazines in India’
  • Gargi Gangopadhyay, ‘From the Dandy to the Darjeeling Himalayan Railways: Engineering a Hill Station in Colonial India’

4B: Moving Dickens
(Room 315; chair: Cathy Waters)

  • Emily Ridge, ‘Dickens’s Luggage: Forms and Fictions of Transportability in Bleak House
  • James Mussell, ‘Whirling Wheels and Moving Lessons: Moving Things in Dickens’s Mugby Junction
  • Klaudia Lee, ‘A Tale of Two Cities, Politics and Chinese History’

4C: Issues of Empire and Writing the Settler Colonies
(Room 316; chair: Anna Johnston)

  • Billy Bin Feng Huang, ‘Transported into the Bosom of the Empire? Rethinking how Arthur Conan Doyle Persuades his Readers of British Imperialism in “The Speckled Band”’
  • Michelle Smith, ‘Importing and Transforming Narratives of Colonial Danger: The Natural Environments of Australia and New Zealand in Children’s Literature, 1862-1899’
  • Tamara Wagner, ‘Pat Endings and Failed Emigration: Transporting the “Superfluous” in Victorian Fiction’
3.30-3.45 Coffee Break
3.45-5.15 Panel 5
  5A: Australia, New Zealand and Colonial Knowledge
(Room 307; chair: Michelle Smith)
  • Megan Brown, ‘Louisa Atkinson: Transporting Botany Physically and Metaphorically’
  • Anna Johnston, ‘Travelling Readers, Reading Travellers: Globalisation and Textual Cultures’
  • Meg Tasker, ‘First Impressions of “Home”’

5B: (New) Women and the Bicycle
(Room 315; chair: Duc Dau)

  • Clare Mendes, ‘The Cycling New Woman in the 1890s Woman’s Press’
  • Eva Chen, ‘Its Prohibitive Cost: the Bicycle, the New Woman and Commodity Display’
  • Madeleine Seys, ‘The Young Lady in Grey, the Draper and The Wheels of Chance: Traversing Narratives of Gender and Social Mobility in H. G. Wells’ Cycling Adventure’

5C: Cross-Channel and Transatlantic Travels
(Room 316; chair: Margaret Harris)

  • Catherine Waters and Angela Dunstan, ‘New Communication Technologies for Old? The Victorian Special Correspondent and the 1865 Atlantic Cable Expedition’
  • Barbara Pauk, ‘Cross-Channel Exchanges: Mary Mohl’s History of Women’s Roles in French Society’
  • Claire Thomas, ‘“Not to Embellish the Gallery of some Affluent Nation”: The Eastlakes, Acquisitiveness, and the Transportation of Italian Art to Britain’s National Gallery’
5.30 bus transfer to Central Ferry Pier (Pier 9); departure by boat to Rainbow Restaurant, Lamma Island (leaves 6.15); return to Hong Kong Island by boat (8.45, 9.30 or 10.30)


Saturday 12 July

9.00-10.30 Keynote: James Buzard, ‘Travel’s Others: Realism, Location, Dislocation’
(Room 304; chair: Haewon Hwang)
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break
11.00-12.30 Panel 6
  6A: Sino-British Journeys
(Room 307; chair: Ailise Bulfin)
  • Jenny Huangfu Day, ‘Passengers of the British Empire: Qing Diplomats and Travelers on Transoceanic Tours’
  • HollyGale Milette, ‘Limehouse: A Sino-British Interchange on the Victorian Water-Highway?’
  • Elizabeth Chang, ‘Transporting Chinese Landscape’

6B: The Railway
(Room 315; chair: Nicola Kirkby)

  • Christopher Donaldson, ‘Transport and Tourism in Victorian Lakeland: Texts, Places and GIS’
  • Hannah Scally, ‘The Concept of Transport in the Commercial Carrying Trade, 1850-1900’
  • Deborah Logan, ‘Harriet Martineau on the Road: Corduroy Roads, Arrogant Camels, and Railway Smashes’

6C: On and Off the Ground
(Room 316; chair: Mandy Treagus)

  • Judith Johnston, ‘Pedestrian Poetics: Transports of Delight’
  • Abbie Garrington, ‘Sublimity to Bathos: Literary Mountaineering’s Rise and Fall’
  • Ainslie Robinson, ‘Getting off the Ground: Aerial Stunts and Other Experimental Feats of Daring in the Nineteenth Century’
12.30-2.00 Lunch
(The Eliot Room, 14th Floor, K. K. Leung Building)
2.00-3.30 Panel 7
  7A: Travels in and out of China
(Room 315; chair: Douglas Kerr)
  • John Shufelt, ‘Bitter Cargo: the “Coolie Trade” of Amoy, 1847-1867’
  • Ailise Bulfin, ‘Colonial Authors and the Dissemination of the “Yellow Peril”: the Transport of a People and of a Racist Myth’
  • Douglas Kerr, ‘Kipling in China: Empires of Noise’

7B: Rapture, Suffering and Subjectivity in Aesthetics
(Room 316; chair: Kelly Tse)

  • Duc Dau, ‘Charlotte Brontë, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and The Song of Songs’
  • Nikolai Endres, ‘Wagnerian Transport: Richard Wagner and Oscar Wilde’
  • Chi-she Li, ‘Mobility and Narrative Voice’
3.30-4.00 Coffee Break
4.00-4.15 Closing Remarks
(Room 304; Jock Macleod, AVSA President)
4.15-5.15  AVSA AGM
(Room 304)