A Reflection on Cats, Community and a little more

By Wan Lok Yee Luisa Meme-worthy brother-sister dynamic In particularly stressful times, just encountering a shop cat in the neighbourhood is enough to make my day. For many, spotting shop cats, or snapping a picture of them doing something silly, has become a way to keep spirits up in Hong K...Click here for more details.

Warriors of Future: Revamping the Hollywood of the Far East

By Lok Hang Vincent Chu Nearing the turn of the millennium, Hong Kong cinema saw an exodus of talent, one stream moving northwards to the Chinese market and another moving across the Pacific Ocean to Hollywood. It marked the end of three glorious decades when the local movie industry was kno...Click here for more details.

Photo Essay - On Seeing and Being Seen

By Khadija Azhar I don’t enjoy being visible. The vulnerability in being seen, in taking up space among other people, feels unnerving. My friends think that’s irrational, and I agree; strangers on the streets have places to be, and things to do. They’re probably not looking at me. Funni...Click here for more details.

As writers and artists, we have the ability to translate multiple perspectives: Interview with Sanaz Fotouhi

By Khadija Azhar, Lok Hang Vincent Chu, and Rajesh Panhathodi Sanaz Fotouhi was born in Iran soon after the revolution, during the Iran-Iraq war. Her father’s job as a banker took her and her family to many countries before she landed in Australia. Sanaz holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master o...Click here for more details.

Privileges Made Clear: A Reflection on Theatre Space During Lockdown

By Lok Hang Vincent Chu ‘All animals are equal but some…’ we know how that quote goes. Opportunities for theatre participation have never been equal in Hong Kong, but such privileges have been made clearer during lockdowns. Just as we have moved meetings and work online, theatre groups hav...Click here for more details.

Interview with Dr. Jessica Valdez

By Anneliese Ng and Tingcong Lin We are happy to have the opportunity to talk with Dr. Jessica Valdez, about the Nineteenth-Century Research Cluster she established, her interest in interdisciplinary research, and her memorable experiences at the School of English, HKU. Jessica founded the Ni...Click here for more details.

Interview with Dr. Hanwool Choe

By Khadija Azhar, Lok Hang Vincent Chu, and Rajesh Panhathodi Hanwool Choe is a discourse analyst who focuses on digital discourse, multimodal interaction, food discourse, and life stories. She received her Ph.D. in Linguistics from Georgetown University in Washington D.C., U.S.A. in 2020. She w...Click here for more details.

My Experience in the HKU Summer Research Programme

By Tingcong Lin Last summer, I participated in the 2021 HKU Summer Research Programme and was awarded a conditional offer for the HKU Presidential PhD Scholarship at the end of it. I would like to share my experience for the Alumni Magazine. After selection and enrollment, the Programme provi...Click here for more details.

Interview with Professor Adam Jaworski

By Khadija Azhar, Lok Hang Vincent Chu, and Rajesh Panhathodi Adam Jaworski obtained his MA (1979), PhD (1985), and DPhil (1991) in English sociolinguistics from Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, where he taught as Assistant Professor until 1991. Between 1991–1992 he was Lecturer at the Dep...Click here for more details.

Reflections on COVID-19 and mental health in Hong Kong

By Khadija Azhar At the tail-end of what has been a particularly long winter in Hong Kong, there is an uncomfortable silence hanging over the city. Yesterday, stepping out into the heart of Central, I almost felt accosted by the pervasive stillness, disturbed only by the spattering of raindrops ...Click here for more details.

Interview with Jackie Militello

By Anneliese Ng *The interview was conducted during the 20/21 academic year Formerly a student of the HKU-KCL joint PhD programme, Jackie is now an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the School of English. Having passed her PhD with flying colours in the summer of 2020, Jackie is now teaching on ...Click here for more details.

Review of Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

By WU Tong Sixteen years after his first science-fiction-like novel Never Let Me Go (2005) was published, Kazuo Ishiguro revisits the future to produce Klara and the Sun (2021). Many things have changed during those sixteen years; the bland monologue of his latest protagonist evokes a sense of f...Click here for more details.

Interview with Dr. Claire Gullander-Drolet

By Khadija Azhar, Lok Hang Vincent Chu, and Rajesh Panhathodi Claire Gullander-Drolet earned her PhD in English from Brown University in 2019 and was a visiting assistant professor at Clark University during the 2019-2020 academic year. Her writings have appeared in The Journal of Transnational ...Click here for more details.

Interview with Dr. Anjuli Gunaratne

By Khadija Azhar, Lok Hang Vincent Chu, and Rajesh Panhathodi Anjuli Gunaratne grew up in Colombo, Sri Lanka and received her Ph.D. in English and the Interdisciplinary Humanities at Princeton University. She has held postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Hong Kong’s Society of Fe...Click here for more details.

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