I would be interested in hearing from potential research postgraduate students (MPhil and PhD) who would like to pursue research in the areas of health and business communication (in particular using interactional approaches to the analysis of discourse data).

Current students:

  • Au Yeung, Kai-Yin, Gigi (PhD, 2013 – current): “Articulation of Chinese family beliefs underpinning decision-making in genetic counselling”
  • Luo Zhengpeng (Sep 2015 – current)

  • Xu Xinyue (Sep 2015 – current) (co-supervised with Dr. Susan Bridges, CETL, HKU)

Completed dissertations:

  • Yau, Hoi-ying, Alice (PhD, 2012-2015): “Management of risk vis-à-vis responsibility in telephone-mediated consultations for a genetic condition: A discourse Analytic study”
  • Yau, Hoi-ying, Alice (MPhil, 2009 - 2011): “Risk communication in prenatal screening for Down Syndrome: A discourse analytic study of patients’ perception of risk”
  • Van de Van, Maarten Jeroen (MPhil, 2008 - 2010): "The discourse dynamics of metaphor in the business decision making of a web development company"