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Mon, June 4




Welcome and opening

9:45-11:15 Chair: John Wong


Evelyn Hu-DeHart:
Spanish Manila during the Late Ming: America's First Chinatown


James R. Fichter:
Anglo-American Whaling in St. Helena Archives: An Agenda for an Oceanic History

~ Coffee Break ~

11:30-13:00 Chair: Julia Kuehn


Kendall Johnson:
Faith, Commerce and Reverend David Abeel's Global Geographic Imagination: Mapping "South-eastern Asia" in Journal of a Residence in China, and the Neighboring Countries, from 1829 to 1833 (1834)


Tomoko Akami:
What did sea mean for the Pacific Community? The idea of freedom of sea and imperial sea sovereignty in the 1920s

~ Lunch ~
14:15-15:45 Chair: Gina Marchetti


John Carlos Rowe:
Transpacific Studies and the Cultures of U.S. Imperialism


Craig Santos Perez:
From Unincorporated Territory: Colonialism, Militarization, Tourism, and Indigeneity in the Archive of Chamorro Literature

~ Coffee Break ~

16:00-17:30 Chair: Louise Edwards


Susan Y. Najita:
Land, History and the Law: Constituting the “Public” through Environmentalism and Annexation


Corey M. Johnson:
American Empire as a Postcolonial Phenomenon



Tue, June 5

9:30-11:00 Chair: Elaine Ho
  Rob Wilson:
Oceania as Peril and Promise:  Towards Theorizing a Worlded Vision of Trans-Pacific Ecopoetics


Elizabeth DeLoughrey:
Floating Words and Other Transoceanic Worldings

~ Coffee Break ~

11:15-12:45 Chair: Tim Gruenewald


April Henderson:
The ‘I’ and the ‘We’: Imagining Samoan hip hop futures


Otto Heim:
Recalling Oceanic Communities: The Transnational Theater of John Kneubuhl and Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl

~ Lunch ~

14:15-15:45 Chair: Q.S. Tong
  Rafael Pérez-Torres:
Latina/o Identities and Transnational Navigation


Yuan Shu:
The Transpacific Imagination: Chinese American Epistemology and the Art of Intervention in Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Fifth Book of Peace

~ Coffee Break ~

16:00-17:30 Chair: Page Richards
  Viet Thanh Nguyen:
Just Memory: The Afterlife of War


Wai Chee Dimock:
Falling Bodies: Baghdad, Dresden, New York City

~ Conference dinner (19:30) ~



Wed, June 6

9:00-9:45 Chair: Selina Lai


Shelley Fisher Fishkin:
Transnational American Studies: Next Steps

9:45-10:30 Chair: Douglas Kerr

Elizabeth Marchant:
Cultural Identity and Transnationalism in the Lusophone World


Brandy Nālani McDougall:
Genealogy, Colonial Entitlement, and the Politics of Translation of the Kumulipo


Closing remarks by Walter Mignolo


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