By Zhou Feifei and Cathy Zhang Ruihan

This year, April has officially been renamed Japan month. A series of cultural activities will be held to celebrate this fortuitous name change.

Not sure about this! Do not use the lift if there is fire, or, do not use the lift because this may lead to fire? To use or not to use…

A nice piece of collage.

It is very common to come across repetitive posters on campus. People might wonder- is this used to emphasize the importance of the event, or simply to fill up the whole wall?

Another well-organized ‘window’ display! I particularly like the two plastic oil containers symmetrically upholding the whole set. Go HKU!

Some are food and others are not. Don’t ‘straw’ around!

Can anything be more elegant and functional than this?

This is how some of our professors decorate their office doors, depending on their mood.


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