by Marie Yip


I started taking photos when I was a teenager. I remember I had to borrow cameras from either my relatives or my friends because my family didn’t have the money to buy our own camera. My first camera was a Canon APS film camera, which was a gift from my relative to celebrate the Yip family’s biggest news – that I got into the BA at HKU! I especially love human portraits and it’s my hope to capture people’s personality in photos.

This photo “Girlfriends” features my childhood best friends Ke and Ka. At first, I was thinking of a kind of sensual, sexy shot, so I asked them to lie on my bed and imagine they were crazily in love. Yet, as you can see, my plan ‘failed’ somehow at this point – they laughed like crazy, as usual.

Marie Yip’s photo “Girlfriends” won first prize in the South China Morning Post’s “Celebration of Women” Festival. The photo was published in the SCMP on November 5, 2011. Marie is from the MAES Class of 2011.



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