By Noel Christe

While it is surrounded by the frantic roar of traffic, the campus appears as a bubble of peace in the city. In this protected place, an army of gardeners are taking care of the discrete inhabitants of the soil, almost as quiet as the plants they are looking after.

As there is no rude winter in Hong Kong, green mantels cover the bushes all year long, whispering in the wind or sweating in the sun. But spring pares the place with many a shimmering outfit. Delicate and ephemeral flowers show off their mesmerizing finery, all bright, colored and deliciously scented to the delight of students, visitors and martial artists who come here to find an appropriate setting for their stretching.

The walker-by might discover, if perceptive enough, that beneath the vegetation live and evolve many an interesting creature. Birds mostly, but there are also fascinating insects that can be seen, especially when they venture inside the open squares in the main building or get lost or temporarily trapped inside a corridor.

This flora greatly contributes to the special atmosphere of the university, and as alumni may now feel nostalgic about it, we have gathered a little selection of some of the natural wonders of the place for your enchanted eyes. We hope that they will bring back memories of those special moments at Hong Kong University.

Pictures are courtesy of Kitty Zhang.

Besides the Lotus pond


East gate

Bauhinia Variegata

Flame Tree

Flame Tree from underneath

King’s Palm

King’s Palm detail
Beside the library


Flowers around the Main Building



Pink Rain Lilies


Rhododendra detail

Sweet Osmanthus   

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