By Zhang Weiliang (Aaron)

So we parted in Central MTR Station

After the night view on Victoria Peak.

The jolting tram-ride, the glimmering and booming city with beauteous abstraction,

Like you, often appear in vacant dreams, ushering hopes of my darkest desires.

It repeats and turns around, as the mountain view swirls in dimmed contemplation

Like kiddo Alex, running through crowds in endless loops, imitating eternity with assertive lurching,

Who kissed me goodbye longer than I thought with childish adoration,

His parents watching on, taking photos with worn smiles.

So we parted, backwards, waving, turning, disappearing:

Three to Causeway Bay, to a seaside hotel of narrow elevators and blue lights;

Me, into estranged night, cut through the desolate streets of fleeting car ghosts, back to my residence of recluse.


Published on: November 30, 2015 < Back >