Jessica R. Valdez holds a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Prior to joining HKU, she was a lecturer at New York University Shanghai. Her research interests include nineteenth-century British literature and culture, the novel, literary theory, and popular literature. Her current book project, Re-forming Nation and Newspaper in the Victorian Novel​, examines the depiction of news and newspapers in nineteenth-century British novels.   


Courses taught in 2018-19:

ENGL1048       Crime Stories
ENGL3041B     Senior colloquium in English studies: Literature and Democracy



Selected Publications

Book Manuscript in Progress:

Re-forming Nation and Newspaper in the Victorian Novel​

“‘This is Our City’: Realism and the Sentimentality of Place in David Simon’s The Wire,” European Journal of American Culture, 34.3

“How to Write Yiddish in English, or Israel Zangwill and Multilingualism in Children of the Ghetto,Studies in the Novel, 46.3, 46.3

“Dickens’s ‘Pious Fraud’”: The Popular Press and Narrative’s Potential for Social Control,” Victorian Periodicals Review, 44.4, Winter 2012



Last updated: 17 July 2018