Dr Jaspal Naveel Singh is a sociolinguist and linguistic ethnographer. His PhD thesis explored voice and narrative in hip hop dance, music and art in Delhi, India. Prior to coming to the University of Hong Kong, he taught at Cardiff University in Wales, UK, and at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany. He disseminated his research at numerous academic conferences and lectures across the world and through academic publications. Jaspal works ethnographically and is interested in the complex interconnections between language (languaging) and culture (transculturation). He takes inspiration from sociolinguistics, discourse studies, classic western and eastern philosophy, hip hop and other Black diasporic traditions, to arrive at a type of research that complexifies standard approaches in the social sciences and problematises research ethics and common-sense writing strategies.


Courses offered in 2019-2020

ENGL1017       Introduction to sociolinguistics
ENGL1050       An introduction to qualitative research methods in sociolinguistics
ENGL7105         Intercultural communication (MA)
LCOM3001      Cultural dimensions of language & communication
CCHU9053      Contested words, disputed symbols (common core course)




Journal articles
Dattatreyan, Ethiraj Gabriel and Jaspal Naveel Singh (under review) Ciphas, hoods, and digital DIY studios in urban India: Negotiating aspirational individuality and spatial collectivity. Global Hip Hop Studies.

Singh, Jaspal Naveel (under review) Overstandin: Upscaling reading positions and rescaling texts. Applied Linguistics Review.

Singh, Jaspal Naveel (in press) Loudness registers: Normalising cosmopolitan identities in a narrative of ethnic othering: Journal of Sociolinguistics.

Singh, Jaspal Naveel and Tom Bartlett (2017) Negotiating sustainability across scales: Community organising in the Outer Hebrides. AILA Review 30: 50-71. 

Singh, Jaspal Naveel and Ethiraj Gabriel Dattatreyan (2016) Cultural interventions: Repositioning hip hop education in India. Linguistics & Education 36(1): 55-64.

Singh, Jaspal Naveel (2013) ‘How many of us remember 1984?’: Narrating masculinity and militancy in the Khalistani rap bricolage. Sikh Formations. Religion, Culture, Theory 9(3): 339-360.
Working Paper
Singh, Jaspal Naveel and Frances Rock (2018) Changing landscapes: Cathays in Cardiff. Working Papers in Translanguaging and Translation (WP. 3).
Singh, Jaspal Naveel, Argyro Kantara and Dorottya Cserző (eds.) (2016) Downscaling Culture: Revisiting Intercultural Communication. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars.

Spotti, Massimilano and Jaspal Naveel Singh (eds.) (in preparation) Scaling practices in polycentric encounters. Special issue. Applied Linguistics Review.

Scholz, Ronny, Yannik Porsché and Jaspal Naveel Singh (eds.) (in preparation) Institutional Matters: Postdisciplinary Analysis of Political Concerns. Basingstoke: Palgrave.
Book chapters
Singh, Jaspal Naveel (in preparation) Hip hop body poetics in Delhi. In: Tong King Lee (ed.) The Routledge Handbook of Translation and the City. London: Routledge.

Singh, Jaspal Naveel (under review) The sociolinguistic saffronisation of India. In: Johanna Woydack and Irene Theodoropoulou (eds.) The Sociolinguistics of Country Branding. London: Routledge.

Singh, Jaspal Naveel (in press) Appropriate meaning: Discursive struggle and polyphonic semiosis in Indian hip hop. In: Boris Zizek and Hanna Piepenbring (eds.) Formen der Aneignung des Fremden. Heidelberg: Winter. 

Singh, Jaspal Naveel (2016) The journey is its own reward: Downscaling culture in intercultural communication research. In: Jaspal Naveel Singh, Argyro Kantara and Dorottya Cserző (eds.) Downscaling Culture: Revisiting Intercultural Communication. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars, 11-31.

Singh, Jaspal Naveel (2016) Delhi to Bronx: Transkulturelle Historizität als transformatives Potential. In: Heidrun Kämper, Daniel Schmidt-Brücken and Ingo H. Warnke (eds.) Textuelle Historizität: Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven auf das diskursive Apriori. Berlin/Boston: Mouton de Gruyter, 261-284.

Wengoborski, Sonja and Jaspal Naveel Singh (2013) Creating the city of Delhi: Stories of strong women and weak walls. In: Hans-Christian Petersen (ed.) Spaces of the Poor: Perspectives of Cultural Sciences on Urban Slum Areas and Their Inhabitants. Bielefeld: Transcript, 147-168.
Singh, Jaspal Naveel (in press) Review of Mary Bucholtz, Dolores Inés Casillas and Jin Sook Lee (eds.). Feeling it: Language, Race and Affect in Latinx Youth Learning. Language in Society.

Singh, Jaspal Naveel (2018) Review of Andrzej Zuczkowski, Ramona Bongelli and Illaria Riccioni. Epistemic Stance in Dialogue: Knowing, Unknowing, Believing. Discourse Studies 20(3): 445-447.

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Singh, Jaspal Naveel (2015) Review of Johannes Angermuller. Poststructuralist Discourse Analysis: Subjectivity in Enunciative Pragmatics. Journal of Pragmatics 88: 55-57.

Singh, Jaspal Naveel (2015) Review of Suresh Canagarajah. Translingual Practice: Global Englishes and Cosmopolitan Relations. Journal of Sociolinguistics 19(1): 105-110.   

Singh, Jaspal Naveel (2015) Review of Suresh Canagarajah. Translingual Practice: Global Englishes and Cosmopolitan Relations. Journal of Sociolinguistics 19(1): 105-110.



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