Following an undergraduate degree in the Biological sciences, Hannah Shipman completed a postgraduate qualification in genetic counselling. She then undertook an MA in Language and Communication Research at Cardiff University before embarking on an interdisciplinary doctorate investigating the discursive aspects of consent to genetic testing. From 2013-2016 she worked as a genetic counsellor in both research and clinical settings in Cambridge (UK), whilst continuing to undertake qualitative health research exploring experiences of integrating genetic testing into routine oncology practice. She joined the School of English at HKU in August 2016 as a Post-doctoral Fellow, contributing to the research into genetic counselling led by Dr O Zayts.


Courses offered in 2017-2018

LCOM2003      Language and Politeness
LCOM2008      Health communication, 'healthy' communication




Plaskocinska I*, Shipman H*, Drummond J et al. (forthcoming). New paradigms for BRCA1/BRCA2 testing in women with ovarian cancer: results of the Genetic Testing in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer (GTEOC) study. Journal of Medical Genetics.
*Equal contribution

Whyte S, Green A, McAllister, M and Shipman H. Journal of Genetic Counseling (2016). doi:10.1007/s10897-016-9974-5

Shipman H E, Sarangi S and Clarke AJ. (2014). Accounts of consent: Orienting to self-other relations regarding motivations to participate in cancer bio-banking. Communication and Medicine 11 (1): 69-84.

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Shipman H E, Arribas-Allyon M, Murray A and Gaff C L. (2013). On the limits of genetic responsibility: Communication and consent for tumour testing for Lynch syndrome. Communication and Medicine 10 (3): 225-235.



Conference Papers

The Qualitative Arm of the GTEOC Study, ESHG, Glasgow in 2015 and 3rd Joint Cancer Genetics Group Meeting and 14th International Meeting on the Psychosocial Aspects of Hereditary Cancer, Manchester 2015

Autonomy and Emotions: Professional Challenges in Seeking Consent to Genetic Testing, ESHG/EMPAG, Milan in 2014

Altruism as the rhetoric of consent?: Orienting to self-other relations in bio-banking consent encounters, COMET conference, Trondheim, Norway in 2012

"It's not even about her it's about the whole family": Accounts of participation in a family cancer study, Familial Aspects of Cancer 2011: Research and Practice, Kingscliff, Australia in 2011



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