Dr. Kristen Murray holds a PhD from both the School of the Arts & Media and the School of Social Sciences at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, where she received an Australian Government International Postgraduate Research Scholarship. Dr. Murray also earned a Master of Creative Arts in Theatre (Directing) and a Master of Science in Psychology, following a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology with a secondary emphasis in Theatre.

Dr. Murray engages in interdisciplinary analyses of mortality, disability and inequality in Shakespeare and twentieth-century theatre texts, with a specific interest in dramatic articulations and representations of loss. Her PhD dissertation examined scenes of physical demise in contemporary plays, seen in relation to sociological shifts in the medicalisation and mediatisation of death. In 2016, Dr. Murray’s book chapter on current American television was published in Taboo Comedy: Television and Controversial Humour. As a theatre practitioner, Dr. Murray has directed or acted in over twenty productions; she continues to guide and develop student performances, with a particular focus on Shakespeare.

In addition, Dr. Murray has worked extensively in public policy research, advising government departments and NGOs in Australia regarding inequalities in health and education services. In recent years, Dr. Murray has been involved in collaborative research on effective, inclusive health communication in hospitals. Her current research focuses on theatrical representations of mortality and bereavement.


Course offered in 2019-2020

ENGL7104       Global Shakespeare



Recent Publications

Book Chapters

Murray, Kristen (2016) ‘Last Laugh: Black Humour on American Television’ in Taboo Comedy: Television and Controversial Humour, Ciara Bucaria (Ed), Palgrave Macmillan, London, 41-59.


Journal Articles

Slade, Diana, Kristen A. Murray, Kwok Hung Jack Pun, Suzanne Eggins (2019) ‘Nurses' perceptions of mandatory bedside clinical handovers: an Australian hospital study’, Journal of Nursing Management, 27 (1), Jan 2019, 161-171.

Slade, Diana, Pun, Jack, Murray, Kristen A. & Eggins, Suzanne. (2018) ‘Benefits of healthcare communication training for nurses conducting bedside handovers: an Australian hospital case study’, The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 49(7), 329-336.

Pun, Jack, Angela Chan, Kristen Murray, Diana Slade and Christian Matthiessen (2017) ‘Clinicians’ perceptions of communication in a trilingual emergency department’, Journal of Clinical Nursing, 26 (21-22) Nov 2017, 3396-3407.



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