Topics for short response paper:

Please respond to *one* of the following questions in 1-2 pages (double spaced; approx. 300 words).

Figure 1:
Closed circuit TV, shattered lens;
from The Wire, Episode 1: "The Target" (2 June 2002)

Figure 2:
Long shot from behind a metal screen, down on to the "The Pit" in public high-rise housing projects
of "Franklin Terrace Towers" in Baltimore. (You can see the couch down there.)
Episode 1: "The Target" (2 June 2002)

Figure 3:
D'Angelo Barksdale (Larry Gilliard, Jr.), Malik "Poot" Carr (Tray Chaney) and Wallace (Michael B. Jordan)
are sitting on a battered old couch in the middle of the Pit as drug deals go on around them.
Episode 2: "The Detail" (9 June 2002)

In Episode 2 ("The Detail" 8:12 - 9:44), D'Angelo Barksdale (Larry Gilliard, Jr.), Malik "Poot" Carr (Tray Chaney) and Wallace (Michael B. Jordan) are sitting on a battered old couch in the middle of the Pit, eating Chicken McNuggets [See figure 3, below]. Here is what they say:
Wallace : (eating Chicken McNuggets)Yeah man, these shits is right, yo.
Poot: Mmm. Hmm.
Wallace: (checking beeper) Mm. Go with the hot sauce too, yo.
Poot: Most definitely.
Wallace: Yo D, you what some nuggets?
D'Angelo: Naw. Go ahead.
Wallace: Man, whoever invented these-- yo, he's off the hook.
Poot: What?
Wallace: (as D'Angelo watches a drug deal in the distance) Mm. Motherfucker got the bone all the way out the damn chicken. Til he came along niggas been chewin' on drumsticks and shit, gettin their fingers all greasy. He said: leave the bone, nugget that meat up and make some real money.
Poot: Think the man got paid?
Wallace: Who?
Poot: The man who invented these?
Wallace: Shee.. He's richer than a motherfucker.
D'Angelo: Why? You think he get a percentage?
Wallace: Why not?
D'Angelo: Nigga please. The man who invented them things just some sad-ass down at the basement of McDonalds, thinkin' up some shit to make money for the real players.
Poot: Naw, man, that ain't right.
D'Angelo: Fuck "right." It ain't about "right." It's about money. Now you think Ronald McDonald gonna go down into that basement and say "Hey Mr. Nugget, you da bomb. We sellin' chicken faster than you can tear the bone out-- so I'm [g]onna write my clowny-ass name on this fat-ass check for you." Sh. Man, the nigga who invented them things, still working in the basement for regular wage, thinking of some shit to make them fries taste better or some shit like that. Believe.
Wallace: Still have the idea though.
D'Angelo: (shakes his head, looks away into the distance) Pht...
Why does D'Angelo refuse the McNugget? Consider the McNugget as what Marx defined as a commodity fetish-- what are the different ways that these characters attempt to understand the processes of inventing, manufacturing, consuming and profitting from the McNugget? How might you apply Louis Althusser's notion of "ideology" to this scene? Why is this conversation taking place on this orange couch? What words seem most important in this conversation and why?