Topics for short response paper:

Please respond to *one* of the following questions in 1-2 pages (double spaced; approx. 300 words).
  1. Interpret the figures below in relation to the scenes of terror described by Mary Rowlandson. In your intepretation consider how: the theme of "wilderness"; of savagery; and how gender roles are reflected in these images.

  2. Analyze the episode in relation to the mention of the "Sioux Uprising of 1862." (Remember that the Ingalls family are returning home from Mankato, Minnesota in the late 1870s.)

  3. Consider the Wikipedia account of The Treat of Traverse des Sioux (1851) and the series of treaties between the United States and the Sioux.

Figure 1: Charles Ingalls unconscious in the snow with a menacing tomahawk
from an "Indian" poised over him, from "Survival" (26 February 1975)

Figure 2: Caroline Ingalls, with her family behind, searches the blizzard apprehensively
for signs of her husband, from "Survival" (26 February 1975)