Chris Hutton's research focuses on political issues in language and linguistics. At present he is investigating the links between linguistic theory and race theory, and the history of race theory, following on from his 1999 study of linguistics and ideology in Nazi Germany, Linguistics and the Third Reich (Routledge). In addition to this interest in the history and politics of Western linguistics, Chris Hutton is pursuing various projects at the intersection of linguistics, law and intellectual history. The focus in this work is on issues of legal definition and classification. Publications include Race and the Third Reich (2005), Definition in Theory and Practice (with Roy Harris, 2007), Language, Meaning and the Law (Edinburgh, 2009). More recently he has published two books: Integrationism and the Self. Reflections on the Legal Personhood of Animals (Routledge, 2019) and The Tyranny of Ordinary Meaning: Corbett v Corbett and the Invention of Legal Sex (Palgrave, 2019). Under preparation is a book-length study of the concept 'Aryan'.


Courses offered in 2019-2020:

ENGL1036       Meaning and metaphor
ENGL2126      Law, meaning, and interpretation
ENGL2168       The law of signs: Interpretative controversies in legal semiotics




Selected Publications

2019 Integrationism and the Self. Reflections on the Legal Personhood of Animals (London: Routledge

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2007 Special edition of Language Sciences on the History of Linguistics (forthcoming) (with Hans-Georg Wolf).

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