Since obtaining my Ph.D in English Renaissance Literature, my research has focused on the study of literary forms, genres, and inventiveness at specific historical junctures. My publications include two book monographs, two co-edited collections of essays, and many articles in the following areas : English Renaissance Literature, travel, marginality, postcoloniality, literary and cultural translation in world anglophone literatures, Hong Kong literature and film, law and literature. I am currently working on a study of anglophone Hong Kong writing, and on trial and court narratives. I have taught courses from Chaucer to contemporary literature. My current teaching interests are poetry as genre, narrative poetry, and representation and identity issues in Hong Kong and world anglophone literatures.

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Courses taught in 2015-16:

ENGL1022     Poetry past & present
ENGL2035     Reading poetry
ENGL2097     Imagining Hong Kong



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