I arrived in Hong Kong after completing my PhD at King's College London. My thesis on interwar British women's writing looked in particular at the essays of women writers such as Virginia Woolf, Rose Macaulay, Storm Jameson and Rebecca West and was concerned with how studying the essays of these different women writers produced a complicated picture of modern writing that went beyond modernism.


British women's middlebrow writing from the early twentieth century; British women modernists; Middlebrow writing set in China by Ann Bridge and Stella Benson; HK film


Courses taught in 2019-20:
ENGL1028       Awakenings: Exploring women’s writing
ENGL1013       Exploring the modern: Reading early 20th century British writing
ENGL2080       Women, feminism, and writing



Postgraduate supervision
I would welcome proposals on British women's writing from the early twentieth century - middlebrow as well as modernist. I am also open to proposals that examine Asian film.





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2. Fruit Chan's Durian Durian. New Hong Kong Cinema Series, Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong, 2005.


Recent journal articles:

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Last updated: 17 July 2019