I am Lecturer in Victorian Literature at the University of Manchester and Visiting Professor at HKU for Fall 2018.

My main research interest is in the poetry of the long nineteenth century, and I have published on poetry from the Romantic period to the First World War. My research focuses on the relationship between poetic forms and other kinds of cultural discourse such as the periodical review and the newspaper. I have done extensive research into literary periodical reviews and have recently published a two-volume edition, Critical Heritage: Elizabeth Barrett Browning, anthologising periodical reviews of her poetry.

I am currently working on a monograph titled Poetry and Popularity in the Victorian Era. The book investigates the concept of popularity as it operates in the poetic culture of the early and mid-Victorian period and explores how nineteenth-century poets negotiated the demands of their readers and the literary culture as mediated through periodical reviews. The theme of popularity enables me to re-examine ideas about the marketplace and the commodification of art, the autonomy of the poet, and poetic sincerity. A focus on poetic form – primarily rhyme, metre, voice, style, and address – is the informing principle of the book’s investigations.


Courses offered in 2018-2019

ENGL1032       Late Victorian texts and contexts
ENGL2122       Victorians at home and abroad




Selected Publications

Edited Book

  • Critical Heritage: Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 2013 1 ed. London: Routledge. (Critical Heritage II); 560 pages, 8000 word introduction.

Academic Journal Articles

  • “Writing the Reader: Sordello and the Poetics of Reception”, Essays in Criticism (Spring 2015) 65(2), 144-162.
  •  “Victorian Poetry”, Year’s Work in English Studies, co-authored with Summer J. Star, 2014 and 2015; co-authored with Claire Stainthorp, 2016.
  • “Browning at 200: His Bicentenary Year” Literature Compass, (October 2013) 10(10), 805-813. 
  • “'A tale of little meaning': The Mind's Ear in Tennyson's Early Poetry”, Tennyson Research Bulletin (Autumn 2010), 10, 356-363.

Book chapters

  • “Poetry of the First World War in Britain” for the Edinburgh Companion to the First World War and the Arts, eds. Ann-Marie Einhaus and Katherine Baxter, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2017.



Last updated: 3 September 2018