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Katherine Baxter took her first degree in English Literature and Classical Hebrew at the University of Glasgow, where she also completed her Ph.D. in early 20th-century Modernism. Following her Ph.D. she held various positions including Research Assistant to Poet Laureate, Professor Andrew Motion, and posts in the departments of Manuscripts and U.S. Collections at the British Library. Her research and publications have predominantly been in the field of Conrad Studies, and in 2004 she was honored by the Joseph Conrad Society of America with the Bruce Harkness Young Conrad Scholar Award.

Her other main area of research interest is 20th century and contemporary literature from and about West Africa, and in particular, the interplay between literature and policy during the late colonial and early postcolonial period.

Her teaching has encompassed a broad range of literature and theory, from Shakespeare through to contemporary travel writing, and she has also taught research and writing skills, creative writing, and project management in Communications.

Courses taught in 2010-11:

ENGL2074 Postcolonial Readings
ENGL2128 Modernism




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Current Projects
Imagined States: Law and Literature during Nigerian Decolonization.


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