Seminar Series

2013-2014 Second Semester

Unless otherwise specified, all seminars are on Thursdays and will begin at 5:00 pm in Room CRT-7.45, 7/F, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU.

13 February 2014
Professor Dr Peter Siemund, University of Hamburg
How multilingual are Singaporeans really? A sociolinguistic analysis of multilingualism amongst university and polytechnic students in Singapore

20 February 2014
Dr Ruth Hung, Hong Kong Baptist University
Red nostalgia: Commemorating Mao in our time

27 February 2014
Dr Julia Kuehn, The University of Hong Kong
Colonial Cosmopolitanism? Albert Smith and Rudyard Kipling in Hong Kong

6 March 2014
Dr Haewon Hwang, The University of Hong Kong
Unfolding the Terrorist Plot:
Revolution and Conspiracy in Late-Victorian and Modern Fiction

20 March 2014
Dr Wendy Gan, The University of Hong Kong
From Peril to Pity: The Transformations of Mr. Wu

27 March 2014
Aaron Anfinson, The University of Hong Kong
heteroglossia, language and laughter

3 April 2014
Professor Tim Simpson, University of Macau
Casino Capitalism and the Biopolitical Metropolis:
Macau's Role in China's Economic Transformation

10 April 2014
Professor Chris Hutton, The University Hong Kong
John Money, Noam Chomsky and the origins of the sex/gender distinction

17 April 2014
Professor Elaine Ho, The University of Hong Kong
Beginnings: Anglophone Literature and the "Hong Kong" Story

24 April 2014
Dr Tammy Ho, Hong Kong Baptist University
Contesting (Post-)colonialism: Jane Eyre, Wide Sargasso Sea and Three Neo- Victorian Rejoinders

30 April 2014 (WEDNESDAY)
Rita Kelly, The University of Hong Kong
Translating the other on more equitable terms - striving to transform Sino-British relations in Timothy Mo's An Insular Possession

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