Research Postgraduates

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Current students

Ahsan Md Firoz Mahmud (PhD, Postcolonial Trauma Studies, E. Ho)

Audsley Shellie Hester (MPhil, Romanticism, the Long 19th Century, Narratology, J. Valdez)

Cayado Dave Kenneth (MPhil, Psycholinguistics, R. Chan)

Chan Hok Man (MPhil, English Literature (Classical, Renaissance Periods), N. Luke)

Cheung Wai Leuk (MPhil, Old English, A. Adair)

Chik Wai Chi Wilson (PhD, Multilingualism Imagination: Contemporary Texts in Hong Kong, P. Richards)

Chiu Pui Sang (MPhil, National Identity and Cosmopolitanism in English Novels from Mid-Victorian Period to Early Twentieth Century, J. Kuehn)

Daly John Scott (PhD, Social Class Discourse Online, B. Bolander)

Dou Yan (PhD, Discourse Analysis, Sociolinguistics, B. King)

Fang Xuan (PhD, Language and Communication, A. Pablé)

Guinto, Nicanor (PhD, Sociolinguistics and Discourse Analysis, A. Jaworski)

Hui Yat Sin Cindy (PhD, English Literature, P. Richards)

Huq A B M Monirul (PhD, Literary and Cultural Studies, O. Heim)

Kong Brandon Chee Kin (MPhil, Language in Workplace and Institutional Settings, O. Zayts)

Kwan Man Yi Rowena (PhD, The Development of the Dramatic Landscape in Shakespearean Dreams from Shakespeare to Restoration, B. Chua)

Kwok Man Ka Sinead (MPhil, Language and Communication, A. Pablé)

Leung Eva (PhD, Literature, J. Kuehn)

Li Xiaowei (PhD, Language and Health Communication, O. Zayts)

Liu Xuekun (PhD, Sociolinguistics; Critical Discourse Studies; Queer Linguistics, B. King)

Liu Yang (MPhil, Victorian English Literature, J. Kuehn)
Lucy Liu Yang’s research interests include the Victorian Age, English literature in the 18th and 19th century, and George Eliot.

Liu Xuekun (PhD, Sociolinguistics; Critical Discourse Studies; Queer Linguistics, B. King)

Liu Yin (PhD, English Language and Linguistics (Metaphor and Law, Multimodal Metaphor/Metonymy, Discourse Analysis, J. Leung)

Militello Jacqueline (PhD, Sociolinguistics, A. Jaworski)
Jackie Militello uses linguistic ethnography to examine "small talk" and identity interpretation in institutional settings.

Mo Yuen Ting Natalie (MPhil, Nineteenth-century British Literature and Culture, J. Valdez)

Ng Ka Man (MPhil, English Literature, J. Valdez)

Nogues Collier Desha (PhD, Contemporary Trans-Pacific and U.S. Poetry, O. Heim)
Collier Nogues is a poet and scholar whose research focuses on 21st-century U.S. poetry and militarisation in the Pacific.

Smith, Sean Philip (PhD, The Discourse of Contemporary Tourism, A. Jaworski)

Sze Pui Lun (MPhil, English Linguistics, B. King)

Usai, Giulia (PhD, Literature and Gender Studies, O. Heim)

Wong Chun Hin (MPhil, Sociolinguistics, B. Bolander)

Whitaker Simon (PhD, English Studies, W. Gan)

Xu Lingyi (MPhil, Victorian Literature, J. Valdez)

Zhong Juan (PhD, African Diasporic Women's Writing, O. Heim)



Current students’ research output


Journal articles
Anfinson, Aaron & Al-Dayel, Nadia. 2018. In the Words of the Enemy: the Islamic State’s reflexive projection of Statehood. Critical Studies on Terrorism. 11(1): 45-64. doi:10.1080/17539153.2017.1338327
Luo, Zhengpeng, & Zayts, Olga. 2017. Commodification and marketisation of genetic testing through online direct-to-consumer platforms in Hong Kong. Discourse & Communication 11(6), 630-647. doi:10.1177/1750481317726926
Luo, Zhengpeng. 2015. Chinese netizen’s English language attitudes in the context of College Entrance Examination reform. Journal of Tianjin Foreign Studies University 22 (6): 57-63. (In Chinese)
Nogues, Collier. 2018. ‘with [our] entire breath’: The U.S. Military Buildup on Guåhan (Guam) and Craig Santos Perez’s Literature of Resistance. Shima: The International Journal of Research into Island Cultures, vol. 12 no. 1: Island Narratives and Literaturedoi:10.21463/shima.12.1.05
Smith, Sean P. 2018. Instagram abroad: performance, consumption and colonial narrative in tourism.  Postcolonial Studies, 21(2): 172-191. doi:10.1080/13688790.2018.1461173


Book chapters
Anfinson, Aaron. 2018. Hong Kong’s paper cities: heterotopia and the semiotic landscape of civil disobedience. in D. Malinowski & S. Tufi (eds), Questioning Boundaries, Opening Spaces: Reterritorialising Linguistic Landscapes. New York: Bloomsbury Publishing. 


Conference/ seminar presentations
Anfinson, Aaron. 2018. The Umbrella Revolution: Hong Kong’s civil disobedience movement.  Movements: Protest, Politics and Activism in the 21st Century. Nottingham Contemporary Art Museum, 6 July 2017.  
Anfinson, Aaron & Al-Dayel, Nadia. 2018. Projections of sovereignty: (re)politicising the so-called Islamic State. British International Studies Association Conference. University of Bath, 13-15 June 2018.
Anfinson, Aaron & Al-Dayel, Nadia. 2017. Approaching counter-terrorism through the ‘Western’ Muslim experience: curtailing the saturation of fear. Terrorism and Social Media Conference (TASMconf). University of Swansea, 27-28 June 2017.
Anfinson, Aaron. 2015. Questioning the nation: #QandA and the mediatisation of Zaky Mallah. Paper presented at Sociolinguistics Today and Tomorrow: Postgraduate Perspectives (STT2015). 2-3 October 2015.
Anfinson, Aaron. 2015. The writing on the wall: The Umbrella Movement, language and revolution. Paper presented at the 7th Linguistic Landscape Conference (LL7). University of California Berkeley, USA. 7-9 May 2015.
Anfinson-Aldayel, Nadia and Aaron Anfinson. 2015. (De)constructing national modernity: Nation branding and the staging of the Islamic State. Paper presented at the Sociolinguistics of Globalisation Conference: (De)centring and (de)standardization (SLXG2015). Hong Kong. 3-6 June 2015.
Anfinson, Aaron. 2014. ‘ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US’: Heteroglossia, language and laughter. Paper presented at School Seminar, School of English, University of Hong Kong. 27 March 2014.
Daly, John Scott. 2018. The use of heteroglossia in YouTube comments to 'other' benefits recipients. King's College PhD summer school in sociolinguistics, 11 June 2018. 
Daly, John Scott. 2018.  Benefits Street on YouTube: a neoliberal commentary? ALT Doctoral Seminars, UCL Institute of Education. 14 June 2018. 
Daly, John Scott. 2018.  Below the line: social class discourse in YouTube comments. Sociolinguistics Symposium 22, Auckland, NZ. 27-30 June 2018.
Gresham, Jennifer. 2015. Sasori vs. The System?: The Female Convict Scorpion Series as cult cinema. Paper presented at IAFOR The Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities (ACAH 2015). Osaka International Conference Centre, Osaka, Japan. 2-5 April 2015.
Guinto, Nicanor. 2018. Semiotic landscape in the periphery: Examining the discursive infrastructure of transnational labor migration in Hong Kong. 10th Linguistic Landscapes Workshop, University of Bern, Switzerland, 2-4 May 2018.
Guinto, Nicanor. 2018. Tracing mobility in the margins: The linguistic portrait of a Filipina domestic worker in Hong Kong. King's College London - Education Communication and Society Doctoral Conference, King's College London, UK, 19 May 2018.
Guinto, Nicanor. 2018. Tracing mobility in the margins: The linguistic portrait of a Filipina domestic worker in Hong Kong. 3rd HKU-KCL Doctoral Summer School in Sociolinguistics, Kings College London, UK, 11-13 June 2018.
Guinto, Nicanor. 2018. Semiotic landscape in the periphery: Examining the discursive infrastructure of transnational labor migration in Hong Kong. Sociolinguistics Symposium 22, University of Auckland, New Zealand, 26-30 June 2018.
Guinto, Nicanor. 2017. Semiotic landscape in the periphery: Examining the discursive infrastructure of transnational labor migration in Hong Kong. 2nd HKU Postgraduate Conference in Sociolinguistics, The University of Hong Kong, 28-29 September 2017.
Luo, Zhengpeng. 2018. The emergence of online community of practice among users of direct-to-consumer genetic testing discussion forum in China. 3rd King’s College London–University of Hong Kong PhD Summer School in Sociolinguistics, King's College London, UK, 11-13 June 2018.
Luo, Zhengpeng & Zayts, Olga. 2017. Language and literacy practices in personal genetic testing. 15th International Pragmatics Conference, Belfast, UK, 16-21 July 2017.
Luo, Zhengpeng, Zayts, Olga, & Shipman, Hannah. 2017. The role of narratives of vicarious experience in commodification and marketisation of genetic testing in Chinese social media. 2nd HKU PhD Conference in Sociolinguistics: Multimodal and Mediated Discourse Analysis, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 28-29 September 2017.
Luo, Zhengpeng. 2016. Ethical considerations in cross-sector research involving private companies, vulnerable participants, and shared disciplinary expertise. Paper presented at the 2nd Workshop on Doing Research (Integrity) Across the Arts and Humanities. Faculty of Arts, The University of Hong Kong. 14 April 2016.
Militello, Jacqueline. 2018. Disclosure and the ideology of sociolinguistic naturalism in first impressions. 22nd Sociolinguistics Symposium, Auckland, 27-30 June 2018.
Militello, Jacqueline. 2017. First impressions are lasting impressions: Small talk as an index of identity within elite job interviews. 15th International Pragmatics Conference, Belfast, 16-21 July 2017.
Militello, Jacqueline. 2016. Language ideologies in elite job interviews. Paper presented at Sociolinguistics Symposium 21. University of Murcia, Murcia, Spain. June 2016.
Militello, Jacqueline. 2015. Linguistic gatekeeping in job interviews. Paper presented at Sociolinguistics Today and Tomorrow: Postgraduate Perspectives. University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. October 2015.
Mo, Natalie, Her shadow: Killing off the female double in realist and gothic fiction, British Association for Victorian Studies (BAVS) annual conference: Victorian Patterns, University of Exeter, UK, 29-31 August 2018.
Narayan, Niketa Gupte. 2015. The value of gentlemanly virtue: Social ambition and ‘embedded’ habits in Thackeray's Pendennis. Paper presented at Value, Oxford English Graduate Conference, Oxford University. 5 June 2015. 
Narayan, Niketa Gupte. 2015. Policing the 'Unprofitable' in William Makepeace Thackeray: Victorian Power and Social Discipline. Paper presented at Perspectives on Power: Textual and Cinematic Representations. University of Maryland, USA.  27-28 March 2015.
Nogues, Collier. 2017. Hardly War, Always War: Don Mee Choi’s Geopolitical Poetics. American Comparative Literature Association Conference, Utrecht, 6-9 July 2017.
Nogues, Collier. 2016. ‘With our entire breath’: Military suburbanization on Guam and Craig Santos Perez's Literature of Resistance. Paper presented at Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos conference. The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. March 2016.
Shi Hui Wen. 2016. From “Soldier’s Dream” to “Veteran’s Dream”: Acts of redress in postwar war poems. Paper presented at Religion, Ethics and Literature seminar, Annual Meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA), Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. March 2016.
Shi Huiwen. 2014. Seamus Heaney’s ‘Failed’ elegies and the nonhuman subject: A reading of the ‘Widgeon Poems’. Paper presented at New Voices 2014 – Multidisciplinary Postgraduate and Early Career Scholars’ Conference. National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland. June 2014.   
Smith, Sean P. 2018. Interdisciplinarity: The practice and practicality of thinking through multiple fields. ALT Doctoral Seminars, Institute of Education, University of London, United Kingdom, June 2018
Smith, Sean P. 2018.  Tourism in Myanmar: Discursive Patterning and Development. Summer School in Sociolinguistics, King’s College London, United Kingdom, June 2018
Wang, Jintian. 2016. The fuzzy boundary between public and private in digital discourse. Paper presented at the 2nd Doing Research (Integrity) Across the Arts and Humanities: A One-Day Workshop. Faculty of Arts, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. 14 April 2016.
Wu, Zhao Zhen. 2018. Some thoughts on the processes of creating an affectively motivated assemblage: a case on the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, 2014, 3rd KCL-HKU PhD Summer School in Sociolinguistics, King’s College London, London, 11-13 Jun 2018
Wu, Zhao Zhen. 2018. Revisiting ‘postcoloniality’ through the processes of semiotic landscaping in Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement, Zurich Conference on Colonial and Postcolonial Language Studies – Changes and Challenges, University of Zurich, Zurich, 4 – 6 Jun 2018.
Wu, Zhao Zhen. 2018. Landscaping and the autoglottic space: a case of the Umbrella Movement, Philosophy of Communication: East and West, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2-3 Feb 2018.
Wu, Zhao Zhen. 2017. Topos, media and integration: a case of 26-29th Sept 2014, Hong Kong, MMDA2017, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 28-29 Sept 2017.
Wu, Zhao Zhen. 2017. Topos, media and Gemeinschaft: the Umbrella Movement from 26th – 29th Sept 2014, Hong Kong, Research Events, Centre of Applied Linguistics, University College London, London, 13 Sept 2017
Wu, Zhao Zhen. 2017. Placing the Umbrella: an imagined community created from the integration of the online and offline. BAAL2017, University of Leeds, Leeds, 31 Aug – 2 Sept 2017


Book reviews
Nogues, Collier. 2018. Laurel Fantauzzo’s The First Impulse. Review in Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. Sept 2018.
Nogues, Collier. 2017. The Protests Became a Poem: Liu Waitong’s Wandering Hong Kong with Spirits. Review in Jacket2. Nov 2017.
Nogues, Collier. 2017. Domination and Resistance: The United States and the Marshall Islands During the Cold War. Review in Postcolonial Text, vol. 12 no. 2. Aug 2017.
Shi, Hui Wen. 2017. Review of The Completion of a Poem: Letter to Young Poets, by Yang Mu. Trans. Lisa Lai-ming Wong. Journal of Translation Studies,New Series, Vol 1, No. 2 (December 2017). 109-114.
Shi Huiwen. In prep. In the constant shift of   impermanence. [Terry Watada, The Game of 100 Ghosts (Poems) Toronto: TSAR Publications, 2014]
Shi Huiwen. In prep. I hang the sun at the angle I need it. [王小妮:《有什麼在我心裏一過》Something Crosses my Mind: Translated from Chinese by Eleanor Goodman. Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press, 2014]
Shi Hui Wen. 2015. Review of Marshall Moore and Xu Xi, ed., The Queen of Statue Square: New Short Fiction from Hong Kong, Nottingham, UK: Critical, Cultural and Communications Press, 2014. 159 pgs. Asiatic 9(2) (December 2015).
Shi Huiwen. 2015. Assassinating the Avant-Garde: Mu Shiying: China's Lost Modernist. [A Review of Andrew David Field (Editor and Translator), Mu Shiying: China's Lost Modernist, Hong Kong University Press, 2014. 160 pgs.] Asian Cha, Issue 28 (June 2015). 
Shi Huiwen. 2015. Journey to the West: The Happy Hsiungs: Performing China and the struggle for modernity. [Review of Diana Yeh, The Happy Hsiungs: Performing China and the Struggle for Modernity, Hong Kong University Press, 2014. 224 pgs.] Asian Cha, Issue 28 (June 2015) 


Prizes/ Awards
Anfinson, Aaron. 2016. Glasgow/HKU Early Career Mobility Funds (2016-2017). University Research Committee (URC), The University of Hong Kong.
Anfinson, Aaron. 2016. Louis Cha Postgraduate Research Fellowship (2015-2016). Louis Cha Fund for Chinese Studies and East/West Studies, Faculty of Arts, The University of Hong Kong.
Gresham, Jennifer. 2013. Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (2013-2017). Research Grants Council, Hong Kong.
Luo, Zhengpeng. 2016. Dr. Lo Kwee Seong Education Foundation Travel and Conference Grants 2015-2016. The University of Hong Kong.
Luo, Zhengpeng. 2015. HKU Foundation Postgraduate Fellowship 2015-2016. The University of Hong Kong.
Militello, Jacqueline. 2016. Louis Cha Postgraduate Research Fellowship. The University of Hong Kong. March 2016.
Militello, Jacqueline. 2015. Outstanding Presenter Award. Sociolinguistics Today and Tomorrow: Postgraduate Perspectives, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. October 2015.
Nogues, Collier. 2015. Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (2015-2019). Research Grants Council, Hong Kong.


Nogues, Collier. 2017, “Examination and Discovery” and “A Book of Patriotic Movements.” Cha: An Asian Literary Journal Dec 2017.
Invited lectures
Nogues, Collier. 2018. Cha Literary Reading Series: invited speaker. “On Silence: Lawrence Lacambra Ypil, Collier Nogues, and Tammy Ho Lai-Ming.” August 2018.
Nogues, Collier. 2018. Hong Kong Consulate of Mexico and Cha Literary Reading Series: invited speaker. “Crossing Cultures and Languages: Aurelio Asiain, Jason Y. Ng, Collier Nogues, and Eddie Tay.” February 2018.
Nogues, Collier. 2018. Cha Literary Reading Series: invited speaker.  “Un-bordering the Border: Mariko Nagai and Collier Nogues.”  January 2018.
All other outputs
Smith, Sean P. Ghost Tigers: Climate Change and the Escalation of Extinction. Guernica. 21 March 2018.



Recently completed theses

The following students have successfully completed postgraduate research degrees in the School of English since 2010:

Anfinson, Aaron (PhD) ‘Projections of statehood: the disciplining of transnationalism and the attempted (self)legitimisation of the so-called Islamix State’
Brown, David (MPhil) ‘Opaque Rings of Earth: Landscape in Conrad’s Asia and Africa’
Chan Ka Wai (MPhil) ‘Implicit Learning of L2 Word Stress Rules’

Chan Man Long (MPhil) '"Passionate for Truth": The Emergence of the Verse-Novel in the Victorian Era'
Cheng Po Ming, George (MPhil) ‘The Problem of China: British Writings on China in the 1920s’
Chiu Wai Fong (MPhil) ‘Tradition as Inheritance and Departure: Transformation, Survival and the Trickster in Love Medicine, China Men and Illywhacker
Christe, Noël (PhD) ‘Language, culture and reification: linguistic negotiations in international institutions’

Chung, Fiona (PhD) 'The Question of Character: John Ashbery's Late Lyrics'
Ding Xiaoyu (MPhil) ‘Oscar Wilde and China in Late Nineteenth Century Britain: Aestheticism, Orientalism, and the Making of Modernism’
Ding Yan (PhD) ‘Metaphors of SADNESS: Intraconceptual and Interconceptual Variation’
Dong Yufei (MPhil) ‘Phoneticizing China: The Politics of the Pinyin Reform Movement’
Downes, Sarah (PhD) ‘Reading Jean Rhys: Empire, Modernism and the Politics of the Visual’
Du, Biyu Jade (PhD) ‘The bilingual trial: Access to interpreting, communication and participation in Chinese criminal courts’
Ghelani, Divya (MPhil) ‘The ‘radical’ in the classroom in British school stories from the 1950s to the present day
Gao Yibo (MPhil) ‘Toward the Common Good: G.L. Dickinson and China’
Goh Cheng Fai (MPhil) ‘The Japanese Occupation of Malaya and Singapore

Gresham, Jennifer (PhD) ‘Forms and Functions of Genre in Transnational Popular Culture’
Gualtieri, Joseph (PhD) ‘Literature and the Anthropocene’
Hao Tun (PhD) ‘The Psycholinguistic Reality of Generative Theoies and Construction Grammar in Language Processing’
Huang Jianqiao (MPhil) ‘Is the Overt Pronoun Constraint Learnable?’
Hui Yat Sin Cindy (MPhil) ‘The Displaced Person: Re-Placement and Return in Contemporary Representations of Exile’
Jia Qian (MPhil) ‘Envisioning Alternative Interiors: Space and Ecology in Margaret Atwood’s Short Stories and Oryx and Crake’

Jin Jiayi (MPhil) ‘Sentiment, Orientalism and American Women Writers in Republican China’
Jin Xiaotian (PhD) ‘A Generation "Betwixt and Between": Youth, Gender and Modernity in 1920s and 30s Middlebrow Women's Writing’
Kelly, Rita Olivia (PhD) ‘Constructed Meanings and Contesting Voices – the Opium War in Archival, Historical and Fictional Anglophone Narratives’

Lam Ka Ki (MPhil) ‘In Search of An Everyday Heroism: Three Novels from the 1930s’
Lam Ngo Shan Alision (MPhil) ‘Implicit Learning of Tonal Rules in Thai as a Second Language’
Lau Leung Che (MPhil) ‘Passing Three Hurdles: Representations of Henrik Ibsen’s Nora in Twentieth Century Chinese Theatre’
Lee Jason Eng Hun (PhD) ‘‘All is Not Well in the World’: Critical Cosmopolitanism in Twenty-First Century Fiction’
Lim Anne Wing-huen (MPhil) ‘W.E.B. Du Bois and Asia’;
Li Boting (PhD) ‘Leonard Woolf: Towards a Literary Biography’;

Li Sui Sum (MPhil) ‘Rapport Management and Communication at Work: Interacting in Hong Kong Intercultural Workplace Settings’
Liu Yiqi (M.Phil) ‘Gendered Discourses and Rapport Management in Hong Kong Beauty Spas’;
Lo Ying Wa (MPhil) 'Reading Schizophrenia and Female Bodies across Cultures: A Psychoanalytical Approach to Selected Novels by Sylvia Plath, Maxine Hong Kingston and Toni Morrison'

Luo Zhengpeng (PhD) ‘Genetic Literacy in Direct-to-consumer Personal Genetic Testing: A Discursive Approach’;
Narayan Niketa Gupte (MPhil) 'Character and community (-building): Ethics and Policing in the Novels of Thackeray, Gaskell, and Collins, 1840-1880'
Ng Sheung Pui (MPhil) ‘Language and Identity: The Case of the Zhuang’

Poon Lok Ming (MPhil) ‘Tourism Discourse in Hong Kong: (Self-)Orientalismm, Performativity and Elitism’
Shi Huiwen (PhD), “Strange Rituals of Surrender”: Seamus Heaney and Contemporary Elegy
Sorensen, Steven William (MPhil) ‘Imagining the Other: How the US Responds to China’s Rise’
Su Ping (PhD) ‘Word into Image: Cinematic Elements in Caryl Phillips’s Fiction’
Sun Li (PhD) ‘Degree adverbs in Hong Kong and Singapore English: A corpus-based investigation’
Sze Tin Tin (MPhil) ‘Mapping Neverland: A Reading of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan texts as pastoral, myth and romance’

Tang Yuen Man (MPhil) ‘Language and Identity Positioning of Multilingual Southeast Asian Sojourners in Hong Kong’

Tao Kimberly Wei Yi (PhD) ‘Transgender Identity in Law and Society: Finding the Meaning of the Words “Man”, “Woman” and “Transgender”’
Theng Yuan Seng Andre (MPhil) ‘Constructing Eliteness: The Semiotics of "Artisanal" Coffee in Global Cities’
Tomfohrde, Carmen (PhD) ‘Contextualizing Iconoclasm: Early Missionaries and the Textuality of Culture Change in Polynesia’
Tsang Man Ying (MPhil) ‘A study on the construction of identity in the blogging world among Hong Kong adolescents’

Tse Chung Tak (PhD) ‘Dressing Britain in Words: Social Implications of Catherine Gore's Vestimentary Writing in Her Silever-fork Novels’
Tse Hoi Lam Karen (MPhil) ‘The Family Saga in Women’s Writing Between the Wars’

Tse Wai Sum (MPhil) ‘Community College Marketization in Hong Kong: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Student Stories’
Tse Yin Nga, Kelly (MPhil) ‘The Lure of the Global: Gender and Geopolitics in Selected Novels by Transnational Chinese Women Writers’
Vandertop, Caitlin Sophie (PhD) 'Concrete jungles: modernism, colonial culture and the built environment in early twentieth-century literature.
Wang Dongqing (PhD) ‘Negotiating Chinese Modernity: British Imperialism and the Late Qing Reforms’

Wang Jing Tian (PhD) ‘An analysis of culture rich points as semiotic resources: A case study of Chinese guanxi
Wang Xiaoli (MPhil) ‘The Making of the Poetic Image’

Webber, Nicholas Peter (PhD) ‘Uncertain terms: creating, mediating and activating the portmanteau from Carroll to Vladislavić’

Wong Man Tat, Parco (PhD) ‘Triad discourse in three social domains: A critical discourse analysis’
Wong Yin Tung (MPhil) ‘(Re)Imgained Communities: The Spectrum of World Literature and the Spectre of National Literature’
Wong Yuk Yin, Bobo (PhD) ‘The Silent Eye: Approaches to Aporia in Modern Literature’

Wu Zhao Zhen (MPhil) ‘Imagining an Umbrella Community: Place, Practice and Affect’
Xia Xiaoyan (PhD) ‘Categorization and L2 Vocabulary Learning - A Cognitive Linguistic Perspective’

Xiong Jiajuan (PhD) ‘Chinese Middle Constructions: Lexical Middle Formation’

Xu Daozhi (PhD) ‘Indigenous Cultural Capital: Postcolonial Narratives in Post-Mabo Australian Children’s Literature’
Xu Lingyi (MPhil) ‘Beyond Likeness: Materiality, Temporality and the Form of Portraiture in the Nineteenth-Century English Novel’
Xu Xi (PhD) ‘British Left-Wing Writers and China: Harold Laski, W.H. Auden and Joseph Needham’
Yang Jing (PhD)
The Construction of the Chinese Woman in 1990s American Cinema
Yeung Sze Man, Simone (MPhil)
The Rule of Metaphor and the Rule of Law: Critical Metaphor Analysis in Judicial Discourse and Reason

Yeung Wai Lung, Matthew (PhD) ‘Access to justice in a bilingual legal system: a case study of unrepresented litigants in Hong Kong’
Zhang Chengping (PhD)Moments of Vision: Thomas Hardy, Literature and Ethics
Zhang Ruihan (MPhil) ‘Rethinking Vygotsky: A Critical Reading of Vygotsky’s Cultural-Historical Theory and Its Appropriation in Contemporary Scholarship’

Zhang Tian (MPhil) ‘The Importance of Being "in Time": An Integrational Linguistic Approach’

Zhang Weiliang (PhD) 'Beastly Revolt: Orwellian Ethics of the Body'
Zhang Yanping (MPhil)
"Of Human Bondage": Somerset Maugham in China
Zhou Feifei (PhD) ‘System, order, creativity: Models of the human in twentieth-century linguistic theories’



The following students successfully completed postgraduate research degrees in the School of English in the period 1998-2009:

Au, Florence (MPhil) 'Gender in Textbook Dialogues: Textual Analyses and Classroom Practices'
Barker, Andrew (PhD) 'Creating Art against the Sky-Gods: Gore Vidal's Manifesto and Didacticism'
Bautista, Anna Maria (MPhil) 'Constructions of Motherhood: Hollywood Negotiations of the Mother-Daughter Relationship'
Chan, Flo (M.Phil) 'New Enemies: Women Writers and the First World War'
Chan Wing Chun, Julia
(MPhil, English Literature, P. Smethurst)
Chanda, Geetanjali (PhD) 'Indian Women in the House of Fiction: Place, Gender and Identity in Post-independence Indo-English Novels by Women'
Chen, Katherine H. Y. (MPhil) 'Norms of Pronunciation and the Sociolinguistics of Cantonese in Hong Kong'
Cheung, Karen C. L. (MPhil) 'Dialogue, the Dandy and the Divided Self: Individualism in Selected Works of Oscar Wilde'
Cheung, Marjorie (MPhil) 'A Stylistic Approach to J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings'
Chin, Grace Voon Sheong (PhD) 'Expressions of Self/Censorship: Ambivalence and Difference in Chinese Women's Prose Writings from Malaysia and Singapore'
Chiu Man Yin (PhD) 'Written Orders: Authority and Crisis in Colonial and Postcolonial Narratives'
Chung, Helena M. H. (MPhil) 'The Road to Paradise: Toni Morrison's Journey from Embracing the Past to Transcending it'
Chung, Holly H. Y. (MPhil)'Language and Gender: Representations in the reality TV show The Survivor'
Fang Hong (PhD) 'The Ethnic Trickster in Maxine Hong Kingston's Tripmaster Monkey: His Fake Book'
Fong, Wendy W. N. (MPhil) 'Reader Response and the Dynamics of Plot'
Fotouhi, Sanaz (MPhil) '"That Other World That Was the World": A Study of the Short Fiction of Katherine Mansfield and Nadine Gordimer'
Gould, Gaye (PhD) 'Constructing Lyrical Heroes: Verdian Tenors and their Literary Sources'
Ho, Julie Elaine (MPhil) 'Half of Life: Male Voices in the Novels of Carol Shields'
Ho Lai Ming, Tammy (MPhil) 'Reading Aloud and Charles Dickens's Style'
Huang Lihua Rachel (PhD, Twentieth Century Literature, O. Heim)
Hung, Ruth Y. Y.
(MPhil) '"To Be Worthy of the Suffering and Survival": Chinese Memoirs and the Politics of Writing'
Ingham, Mike A. (PhD) 'Theatre of Storytelling: The Prose Stage Fiction Adaptation as Social Allegory in Contemporary British Drama'
Ip, Chief Inspector P. F. (MPhil) 'The Sociolinguistics of Triad Language in Hong Kong'
Kwan Wing Ki, Koren (MPhil) 'Experiments in Subjectivity: A study of postmodern science fiction'
Lau Hor Ying Esther (MPhil) 'The Migrant Experience, Identity Politics, and Representation in Postcolonial London: Zadie Smith, Hanif Koureishi and Monica Ali'
Lee Jun Yu Phoebe (MPhil) 'Balcony Romance: Stage Distance and Closure'
Lee Keon Woong (MPhil) 'Sacrificial Cain in the Modern Workplace'
Lee, Reese W. S. (MPhil) 'Heimat in the Cinema of Wim Wenders'
Lee, Veronica Hoi Ling (MPhil) 'Trespassing and Redefining Boundaries: Edith Wharton's mobilization of her characters against prejudice and reproduction'
Lee, Vicky (PhD) 'Hong Kong Eurasian Memoirs: Identity and Voices'
Li, Iris (MPhil) 'Perception in Debates: An Investigation of "Women's Language" and Speech Rates in Hong Kong'
Li Zhaohui (MPhil) '"Dark, Inscrutable Workmanship": Contradiction and Reconciliation in Wordsworth's Representation of Nature'
Liu Wensong (PhD) 'Saul Bellow's Fiction: Power Relations and Female Representation'
Lok Mai Chi, Ian (PhD) 'Cultural Understanding in English Studies: An Exploration
of Postcolonial and World Englishes Perspectives'
Lui, Gigi C. C. (MPhil) 'Language and Law: a Critical-Semantic Approach to the Basic Law of the Hong Kong SAR'
Ma, Marina (MPhil) 'The Plural Subject in The Woman Warrior, "Pangs of Love" and "Phoenix Eyes"'
Mak Chun Nam Bernie (MPhil) 'Language and Communication: A Sociolinguistic Study
of Newcomers' Socialization into the Workplace'
Mak, Elaine Ngah Lam (MPhil) 'Eugenics in Dystopian Novels'
Mathai, Kavita (MPhil) 'A Question of Identity: A Study of Three Indian Novels in English of the Nineteen-Eighties'
Mok, Cynthia K. L. (MPhil) 'The Sociolinguistics of Written Chinese in Local Comic-book Subculture: Stigmatised Language Varieties in Hong Kong'
Mok Siu Kit Eric (MPhil) 'The Ends of History: The novels of Kazuo Ishiguro, Timothy Mo and Graham Swift'
Nightingale, Nicola (PhD) 'A Man for All Reasons: Colonialism and the Cult of Masculine Reticence in Kipling's Writing'
Ng Hau Man (PhD) 'The Non-Humanist Humanist: Edward W. Said'
Ng Yiu Tsan Simon
(MPhil, Comparative Literature, P.K. Richards)
Pak Chiu Shuen Tom (MPhil) 'Stephen King's Popular Gothic: Gothic metafiction, ideology, scatology and (re)construction of community'
Poon, Scarlet (MPhil) 'Colonialism and English Education at The University of Hong Kong, 1913-1964'
Rambukwella, Harshana (PhD) 'The Search for Nation: Exploring Sinhala nationalism and its others in Sri Lankan Anglophone and Sinhala-language writing'
Rojas, Yuko K. (PhD) 'Space and Female Consciousness in Virginia Woolf's Fiction: Idealist and Phenomenological Perspectives'
Rose, Caroline (MPhil) 'Closure and the Short Story: with readings of texts by Elizabeth Gaskell and Angela Carter'
Siu, Anthony C. H. (MPhil) 'Gender(ed) Fables of Maya Deren'
Sung Chit Cheung Matthew (MPhil, Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis, Language and Gender, A. Kang)
Tan Siew Imm
(PhD) 'Languages in Contact: A corpus-based study of Malaysian newspaper English'
Tay, Eddie (PhD) 'Not at Home: Postcolonial Anglophone literatures of Singapore and Malaysia'
Wang Jianping (PhD) 'Commemorative Re-Enactment: A Study of John Barth's Middle and Late Fiction'
Wei, Sandy T. S. (MPhil) 'Law and Language: Problems of Meaning and Interpretation in the Hong Kong Courts'
White, Patricia So Fong (MPhil) 'The Unmaking of Heroes: A study of masculinity in contemporary fiction'
Wong, Grace (MPhil) 'Conceptualizing Transnationalism and Transculturalism in Chinese American Women Narratives and Memoirs: Jade Snow Wong, Ruthanne Lum McCunn, and Amy Tan'
Wong Ho Yin (MPhil) 'Representations of "Hong Kong" in Hong Kong Poetry in English'
Wong, Lorraine (MPhil) 'Cultural Fever, Consumer Society and Pre-Orientalism: China in Eighteenth-Century England'
Wong Tee Vee, Vivian (MPhil) 'Between Self and Subjectivity: Women in Three Novels by Jean Rhys'
Yang Hao-han Helen (PhD) '"A Lady Wanted": Victorian governesses abroad'
Yeung, Kawaii K. W. (MPhil) 'The Universality of the Functional Category "Complementizer": Two Case Studies in Grammaticalization and Multifunctionality'
Yuen, Zoe (MPhil) 'Yiddish, Quasi-Yiddish and Ideologies of American English'
Zhou Jingqiong (PhD) 'Black Humor in the Short Fiction of Raymond Carver'



Last updated: 6 December 2019