Individual Research Specialisms

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Dr Frederick Blumberg: Early modern literature, poetics, rhetoric, law and literature.
Dr Ricky Chan: Experimental Phonetics, forensic phonetics, prosody, psycholinguistics, second language acquisition, implicit and explicit language learning, English in Hong Kong.
Dr Brandon Chua: 17th and 18th Century British Literature; Literature and Jacobitism; Critical Theory; History of Sexualities; Religion and Literature; History of the Novel; Shakespeare Adaptation Studies.
Dr Wendy Gan: British middlebrow women's writing from the early twentieth century, female modernist writers, representations of the East in middlebrow writing.
Dr Otto Heim:
Postcolonial literature, Pacific writing, island studies, literary and cultural theory.
Dr Elizabeth Ho: Contemporary literature, postcolonial theory and fiction, neo-Victorian studies; comics and graphic novels, global literatures in English, and geo-humanities.
Professor Christopher Hutton: language and politics, sociolinguistics, language and law, history of linguistics.

Professor Adam Jaworski: Sociolinguistics, critical discourse analysis, language and globalization, language and art, visual and nonverbal communication.
Professor Kendall Johnson: American literature, colonial through early-twentieth centuries; Native American literatures; race studies; law and literature; anthropology and literature; visual aesthetics; postcolonial theory; history of the novel; transnational dimensions of the China Trade.
Dr Brian King: Discourse analysis, critical sociolinguistics, gender, sexuality, linguistic landscapes, health communication (particularly in relation to intersex and differences of sexual development).
Professor Julia Kuehn: Nineteenth-century British literature and culture, with particular focus on the realist novel, travel literature, popular writing, gender, empire and Anglo-German relations.
Professor Janny Leung: Language and the law; legal bilingualism and multilingualism; language politics; legal and political communication; law, media and technology; cognitive approaches to meaning and conceptual organisation; implicit learning of language.

Dr Nicholas Luke: Shakespeare; early modern literature; drama; literary theory; religion and literature; law and literature; aesthetics.
Dr des Rashna Nicholson: South Asian drama and linguistics, Palestinian theatre, globalisation of opera, world literature.
Dr Dirk Noël: Cognitive-functional linguistics, grammaticalization, diachronic construction grammar, clausal complementation in English, Dutch-French-English contrastive verb valency, evidentiality, modality in World Englishes.
Dr Adrian Pablé: Integrational linguistics, philosophy of language, semiotics, history of linguistics.
Dr Page Richards: Poetry, creative writing, life writing, drama, interdisciplinary theatre practice.

Dr Jessica Valdez: Nineteenth-century British literature and culture, the novel, popular literature, literary theory.
Dr Daniel Weston: Sociolinguistics, World Englishes, discourse analysis, English dialect emergence and development, bilingual pragmatics.
Dr Olga Zayts: discourse analysis, (interactional) pragmatics, conversation analysis, intercultural communication, professional communication (in particular, in healthcare and business contexts), politeness, identity, leadership.

Last updated: 2 October 2019