Past Events

Moving Poetry Day Camp (February 14-15, 2009)

Moving Poetry May Fair
The Moving Poetry May Fair was held on May 7th 2005, Saturday, in Loke Yew Hall at The University of Hong Kong. There were three mini-workshops from 9:00am to 1:00pm of approximately one hour each. Each mini workshop offered a taste of writing poems along with a preview of the sustained work available in the new summer classes.

The Event reunited many of the students and teachers of Moving Poetry from the last several years, giving them an opportunity to hone their skills and gain more practice with poems and creative approaches. It was also an event to introduce this year's workshops in July and August at the Creative Writing Forum.

During the Fair, the students moved from one mini-workshop to another. All workshops were held in designated areas of the hall, each exhibiting a distinctive physical and intellectual environment. In this way, students had a chance to hear from the poets a range of styles and ideas offered at more depth in summer classes.

The Fair was also marked by the presence of the Fulbright Senior Specialist Ellen Kaplan from Smith College. Her introductory remarks on creativity signaled the opening of this year's Fair.

Students were able to have all their senses stimulated as they began to write and organize ideas. Live music in the background, plants, flowers, balloons, giant splashes of color-all offered an open spirit and environment for encouraging new ways to see.

Poets Tim Kaiser, Eddie Tay and Yuen Che-hung introduced their approaches and warmed up for the summer classes. Please click here to see the short VCD of the May Fair.

We hope to see many of you again next year!

Participating Schools and Team
Moving Poetry May 7 Fair 2005
Loke Yew Hall, Main Bldg, The University of Hong Kong

Participating Schools:

St. Paul's School (Lam Tin)
Marymount Secondary School
Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School
SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School
St Mark's School
Wah Yan College

HKUGA Primary School
Stewards Pooi Kei Primary School
Diocesan Girls' Junior School
Pui Kiu Primary School
Queen Elisabeth School Old Students'Association branch Primary School
Shak Chung Shan Memorial School
Creative Primary School

Poets: Yuen Che-hung, Eddie Tay, Timothy Kaiser

Poet Assistants: Juan T. Castillo Jr., Fiona Chung, Sandy To, Cho Jing Man Winnie, Alanis Chan, Chau Ching Yu, Ivy

Musicians: Adrian Lam and Fiona Chung

Mônica Zionede Hall
Creative Co-ordinator
Dr. Page Richards
Artistic Director

Since 2001, Moving Poetry has been organizing creative writing workshops, contacting poets, teaching assistants and helpers for our project.

Over 90 schools have been involved in Moving Poetry in the past 4 years. Each year, 12 international and local poets and 12 undergraduate and postgraduate students have been involved in teaching the workshops.

Teachers' workshops: The teachers' workshops were designed to give teachers insights and ideas about creative writing, easily adaptable to their own schools and classrooms. Teachers have had a chance to learn more about creative writing from experienced poets.

Students' workshops: Students in each class were lead by a poet and a teaching assistant. When these students attended the writing workshops, they had a chance develop an ear for craft and creativity, while building self-confidence in all their subjects.

Andrew Motion Lecture
On April 17, 2004, Moving Poetry held a joint Event with the Distinguished Lecture Series. Poet Laureate Andrew Motion visited The University of Hong Kong and supported the work of Moving Poetry. The event was a success and brought together established writers, innovators, and young writers who had participated in Moving Poetry workshops.

Master Classes in the Schools
The Master Classes offer workshops to the students and, crucially, to teachers. The classes have already reached over 60 students and over 30 teachers.

Moving Poetry Series
Introduced in December 2004, the series offers small group workshops held in a comfortable, inspirational and artistic room, the Creative Writing Forum, MB119, at The University of Hong Kong. Students and teachers attended the Series and were able to receive personal and guided attention to experiment more deeply with the approaches in creative writing that Moving Poetry offers.