Mediation and mediatization of Chinese gender ideology through female kung-fu practitioners in films

Dr. Mie Hiramoto
National University of Singapore

Date:        Sept. 10, 2014 (Wed)
Time:        12:30 pm
Venue:     Seminar Room (Rm. 745, Run Run Shaw Tower),

                 Centennial Campus, HKU

*All are welcome. No registration is required.



In this presentation, I discuss representations of female kung-fu practitioners (nuxia) in films to investigate how processes of mediation and mediatization depict their femininity so as to mitigate their appropriation of Chinese martial arts masculinity.  Often, nuxias are portrayed as empowered women who are equipped to take control of their own lives and to courageously take on challenges from a variety of opponents, and this interpretation is especially prevalent among western audience.  However, multimodal deconstruction of the various characteristics of nuxias must be placed in an Asian-specific context in order to understand the femininity specific to these characters and to move beyond western gender ideologies displayed by media.  Perpetuating Confucian patriarchal ideals, nuxia roles constantly and consistently associate conformation to Confucian values with virtuousness and non-conformation with wickedness.  I therefore can use the ideals of Confucianism as a more accurate foundation in deconstructing the identities of nuxias, which allows us to better understand the mediation and mediatization processes of ideologies associated with Chinese femininity and masculinity in martial arts films.


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