The symposium will be held at Room 7.45 & 7.58, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong. The symposium is generously supported by the Faculty of Arts and the School of English.

Thursday, December 6


(Room 7.45)

14:30-16:00   Opening: welcome, introductions and orientations  
16:00-17:00   Nina Nawalowalo (ONZM - Artistic Director The Conch Theatre Company,
Aotearoa New Zealand) with Tom McCrory (Executive Producer)

“Listening for the world that wants to emerge in the space between.” The search for a Kaupapa Pasifika space for creation in the Theatre making of The Conch
18:00   Dinner at Bijas (Vegetarian Restaurant, HKU Campus, G/F)  

Friday, December 7

9:00-10:30   (Room 7.45)  
  • Wilson Chik (HKU)
    Looming Islands
  • Dorita Hannah (University of Auckland; UTAS; Aalto, Finland)
    Island Spacing and Oceanic Dramaturgy
  • Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren (MICA, Baltimore; Hong Kong)
    Heritage and Urban Island Studies: Towards an Afro-Asian Futurism
10:30-11:00   Coffee break   (Room 7.58)  
11:00-12:30   (Room 7.45)  
  • Tammy Haili‘ōpua Baker & Kaipulaumakaniolono Baker (University of Hawai’i, Mānoa)
    He ‘Ale Lau Loa: The Impact of Hawaiian-Medium Theatre
  • Michelle Johansson (The Black Friars Theatre Company, Auckland)
    Of Words, Warriors and War
  • Frederick Lau (Chinese University of Hong Kong & UH Mānoa)
    Hong Kong’s Islandness
12:30-14:00   Lunch      (Room 7.58)  
14:00-15:30   (Room 7.45)  
  • Anjuli Gunaratne (HKU)
    Maskarade Pathways: Sylvia Wynter’s Theatrical Maroonage
  • Rashna Nicholson (HKU)
    Future for Palestine: An Exegesis on the Triad of Development, Soft Power and Palestinian culture
  • Neluka Silva (University of Colombo)
    Breaking Boundaries, Building Bridges: Exploring Conflict and Peace in Rwanda and Sri Lanka through theatre
15:30-16:00   Coffee break   (Room 7.58)  
16:00-17:30   (Room 7.45)  
  • Philip Hayward (University of Technology Sydney; Editor Shima)
    Culture, Environment and Liminal Liquidity: Experiences of and lessons from the Chiloé aquapelago
  • Monirul Huq (HKU)
    Contested Space and Indigenous Arbitration: The Example of the Sundarbans
  • Sei Kosugi (Osaka University)
    Island-to-Island Imagination: Wu Ming-Yi, Eunice Andrada and Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner
20:00-   Weird Pool Party, a new production of the HKU Black Box (LG.54)
Light dinner buffet outside the venue from 19:30; show starts at 20:00.

Saturday, December 8

9:30-10:30   (Room 7.45)  
  • Cherie Chu (Victoria University Wellington)
    Our lives as the Other Pacific: Appreciating these spaces
  • Joanna Kidman (Victoria University Wellington)
    Decolonising Island Time: Native Temporalities in the New Zealand Archipelago
10:30-11:00   Coffee break   (Room 7.58)  
11:00-12:00   (Room 7.45)  
  • Xiaojun Ding (University of Auckland)
    “warmed with the breath of others”: Breathing in the Pacific and Taiwan
  • Selina Tusitala Marsh (New Zealand Poet Laureate, University of Auckland)
    Tokotoko: Bridging the Va, Telling Tales
12:00-12:30   Box lunch        (Room 7.58)  
12:30-13:30   (Room 7.45)  
    Closing: Reflections, Next Steps, and Following the Currents