Urban Textscapes:
Sociolinguistics Symposium on Work-in-Progress

School of English, The University of Hong Kong
Main Building MB113G
30 April 2011(Saturday), 9.30am – 5.30pm

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Sany, CAI Shanni (School of Foreign Languages, Sun Yat-sen University):
The Linguistic Landscape of Guangzhou, from a Sociolinguistic Perspective

Jackie Jia Lou (Department of English, City University of HK):
Canton or Guangzhou: Reading the City through the Code Selection in its Textscape

Martin Montgomery (Department of English, University of Macao):
Constructing ‘place' in the (discourse of television) news

Adrian Pablé & Noël Christe (School of English, HKU):
Semiotic landscapes in context: first-order and second-order sign creation

Adam Jaworski (School of English, Communication and Philosophy, Cardiff University):
Banal Globalization

Chris Hutton (School of English, HKU):
Text-rich and Text-free Spaces in the HK Landscape and its Representations

Paul Thibault (Faculty of Education, HKU):
Writing (in) the Lifeworld: Written Signs, Cognitive Dynamics and the Extended Human Ecology.


Invited discussants

Aditi Bhatia (Department of English, City University of HK)
Zhou Feifei (School of English, HKU)


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