Graduate Seminar
Guoxue/National Learning in the Age of Global Modernity





Professor Arif Dirlik

Wednesday, 4 November 2009
113G, Main Building, HKU


Arif Dirlik is a leading scholar and critic in China Studies and has published extensively on the political movements and revolutionary thoughts of China. His major publications include Anarchism in the Chinese Revolution (1991), The Origins of Chinese Communism (1989), Culture, Society and Revolution: A Critical Discussion of American Studies of Modern Chinese Thought (1984), and Revolution and History: Origins of Marxist Historiography in China, 1919-1937 (1978). Dirlik also makes important contribution to debates on globalization, (post)modernity, and postcolonialism. He is the author of Global Modernity (2007), Postmodernity's Histories: The Past as Legacy and Project (2000), The Postcolonial Aura: Third World Criticism in the Age of Global Capitalism (1997), Asia-Pacific as Space of Cultural Production (1995), and After the Revolution: Waking to Global Capitalism (1994). Professor Dirlik has taught at Duke University, the University of Oregon, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


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