Credit Transfer

  1. Please refer to the Faculty’s credit transfer webpage for details (, and  pay special attention to the Faculty’s Cap Policy on Credit Transfer to HKU Arts Major/ Minor:

    1. Up to 50% of the transferred credits to HKU can be counted towards each of the Arts major/ minor requirements. In other words, students should complete at least 50% of each of the English Studies/ Language and Communication major/ minor requirements at HKU. A summary table is as follows:




      Max. no. of exchange credits allowed to be transferred to HKU

      36 credits

      18 credits

      Min. no. of credits completed at HKU

      42 credits

      18 credits


      78 credits

      36 credits

    2. Transferred credits in excess of the cap as approved by the major/ minor offering Programme(s) will be counted as free elective(s) for the undergraduate degree only.

  2. Check if the host institution offers courses comparable to your declared major(s)/ minor(s), which are suitable for credit transfer to HKU.

  3. Seek preliminary advice from the School in advance and as early as possible: Before making your course selection at the host institution, students are advised to consult with the Undergraduate Coordinator(s) via Ms. Mandy Leung ( on the suitability of the proposed courses for ENGL/ LCOM credit transfer by providing detailed course information.

  4. Formal application for credit transfer shall be submitted to students’ home Faculty Office who will also decide on the number(s) of credits to be transferred. In order to accelerate the application process, when students submit a formal application, they are advised to attach their email correspondence which shows the School’s preliminary advice on credit transfer as a supporting document.



Last updated: 19 December 2018