1. Approaches to healthcare communication research
  2. Discourse analysis of healthcare communication
  3. Culture and health
  4. Chinese and Western conceptions of health
  5. Representation of health in the media
  6. Narratives of illness experience
  7. Stigma and social dimensions of illness experience
  8. Health communication in medical institutions
  9. Central themes of discourse analytic research in healthcare
  10. How to conduct discourse analytic research in health communication 




  1. To introduce the students to main analytic approaches to the analysis of authentic health communication data from a range of healthcare sites;
  2. To develop the students' critical awareness of the key issues of modern healthcare communication;
  3. To develop the students' appreciation of the impact of globalization of professional workforce and 'superdiversity' of patient population on healthcare deliveries;
  4. To enable the students to engage in the analysis of healthcare discourses using the theoretical foundations acquired in the course.




Lectures (2 hours a week) will introduce fundamental concepts and frameworks, including methods for engaging in data analysis.

Tutorials (1 hour every week or fortnight depending on class size) will provide opportunities for students to engage in exercises and discussion.




Assessment for the course is through coursework and group presentations.




No textbook required. All readings will be provided.



Last updated: 10 July 2018