Students will attend and participate in two hours of class per week, on either Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:30pm (part-time students) or Thursdays 1:30pm – 3:30pm (full-time students); classes are held in CRT 8.66. Classes begin either Wed 4 Sep or Thu 5 Sept and continue until Wed 27 Nov or Thu 28 Nov; (note that there is no class on Wed 16 Oct or Thu 17 Oct due to autumn break). There is no final exam in December, but there will be assignments due at this time.

The 2-hr classes for Global Shakespeare incorporate lectures, analyses of texts and performances, group discussions, scene work and viewings of performances. Students are expected to read and consider all course materials before class and be prepared to contribute to discussions and creative activities. In general, the course schedule will adhere to this outline:

Week 1 – Shakespeare’s life and language, Sonnet 29
Week 2 – Elizabethan theatre and concepts of genre, Sonnet 116
Weeks 3 – 5 – Analysis of Shakespeare’s Hamlet
and interpretations of this text in other forms
Week 6 – In-class writing assignment and discussion of Measure for Measure
Week 7 – no class due to autumn break
Saturday 19 October: opportunity to view (filmed live) performance
Weeks 8 – 10 – Analysis of Shakespeare’s The Tempest
and interpretations of this text in other forms
Week 11 – In-class writing assignment and preparation for final assignments
Week 12 – Texts inspired by Hamlet and The Tempest
Week 13 – Creative Productions in class




  1. In-class Written Responses (individual)
(2 at 20% each) 40%
  1. Critical Analysis of Shakespeare Production (individual)     
  1. Creative Production of a Scene from Hamlet or The Tempest
    (teams of 2-3 students only, including one shared performance, presentation & explanation)
  1. Participation: attendance and active involvement (individual) 






Plays (please purchase these two required plays texts in the university book store;
the sonnets are free online):

  • Shakespeare, William. Hamlet. Ann Thompson and Neil Taylor (Eds), Revised edition, The Arden Shakespeare, Bloomsbury, London, 2016.
  • Shakespeare, William. The Tempest. (Eds), Barbara Mowatt and Paul Westine (Eds), Revised edition, Folger Shakespeare, Simon and Schuster, Washington DC, 2015.
  • Sonnet 29:
  • Sonnet 116:

Academic articles, book excerpts and reviews are provided online via Moodle.
Scholars whose work we will study include Trinh T. Minh-ha, Judith Butler, Raewyn W. Connell, Edward Said, Penny Gay, Cynthia Marshall and others.
(NOTE: readings should be printed and brought to class, since laptops are not allowed.)



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