Topics will be determined by the students based on their selection of texts for reading and discussion. Possible topics could include: social categorization and stereotypes, social identity theory, identity and interaction, language socialization, language and ideologies.




This course is designed to allow students to bring together, reflect on and apply what they have learned in their courses in English Studies in the context of a colloquium among peers. It offers students an opportunity to experience what their studies enable them to contribute to the field individually and in collaboration with others, and it will engage students in the production of an online platform that will showcase their capstone experience to other students and the public.




The class will meet for two-hours every week. There will be no formal lectures. At the beginning of the course, the class will agree on a set of readings for the semester proposed by the students in consultation with the teacher. Students will then work in groups to be leaders in discussion in subsequent weeks, as well as working in groups to produce a knowledge-sharing website on a chosen theme relevant to the colloquium topic.




100% coursework

Discussion leading: 50%
Presentation and website: 50%







Texts will be selected by the students in consultation with the teacher.

Recommended startup readings include:

Agha, Asif. Language and social relations. No. 24. Cambridge University Press, (2007).
Bucholtz, Mary, and Kira Hall. "Identity and interaction: A sociocultural linguistic approach." Discourse studies 7.4-5 (2005): 585-614.
Bucholtz, Mary, and Kira Hall. "Language and identity." A companion to linguistic anthropology 1 (2004): 369-394.
Cameron, Deborah. Verbal hygiene. Routledge, (2005).
Eckert, Penelope, and John R. Rickford. Style and sociolinguistic variation. Cambridge University Press, (2001).
Milroy, James, and Lesley Milroy. "Authority in language." (2012). Routeldge.
Stangor, Charles. Stereotypes and prejudice: Essential readings. Psychology Press, (2000).



Last updated: 21 July 2015