This course will not only help to develop skills in creative writing but those of critical analysis. Writers in the class will develop an expertise in writing and close observation that will contribute to critical studies and theory in other courses and specializations.



Preliminary Investigations

Histories of “genre,” form, and storytelling in English; Critical and comparative perspectives on the institutions and historical developments of critical and creative writing in England, the U.S., China, Hong Kong, and other areas; elements of craft in English storytelling, including Rising Action, Point of View, Literal and Essential Actions, Plot, Sequence and Structure, Convictions and Endings




Workshops and assignments will include exercises for the eyes, ears, memory, and participation in history with other writers. Learning how to sharpen observation as a writer and to revise your manuscript as an editor will inform work in other classes and disciplines. There will be class exercises, reading assignments, homework exercises, and guided work toward a final portfolio.

The portfolio will include class exercises, edited work, and selected stories: a body of work determined by each writer. In addition, writers in the class may have a chance to participate as interns for the HKU Black Box, the literary journal, Yuan Yang, a Journal of Hong Kong and International Writing, the HKU International Poetry Prize, or other literary endeavours in the department.




Assessment for this course is 100% coursework.




Readings include work by the writers Guare, Murakami, Gardner, Ishiguro, Burroway, among others, along with short works, for example, by Kincaid, Hampl and Gill.. A reader or handouts will also include critical essays, interviews, and personal essays, with a focus on current publications in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and much more.



Last updated: 20 July 2017