Lexical units: words and phrases; morphology: inflection and word-formation; syntax: lexical categories; phraseology: collocation; construction grammar: words as grammatical constructions; lexical semantics; historical linguistics: sources of English vocabulary; the vagaries of English spelling; dictionaries; psycholinguistics: speech recognition and production.




This course will offer a very broad introduction to the linguistic and lexicographic study of lexical units in English. It will familiarize students with key concepts employed in the subdisciplines of linguistics which are relevant to the analysis and description of such units, as well as the way they are used, and with the lexicographical concepts deployed to talk about dictionaries. Students will also be introduced to the practice of scholarly work in lexicology and lexicography, with guided reading and writing up of project work.




There are three class-hours each week (Mondays 17:30—18:20 & Thursdays 16:30—18:20; both sessions will be in CPD LG60). The Monday hour will be used for tutorials, writing assignments, and consultations. The Thursday double-hour will comprise a lecture and, some weeks, a task-based assignments in which students will learn and use some of the tools employed in lexical and morphological analysis. Attendance is required at all Thursday sessions, all writing assignments, two tutorials, and two half-hour individual consultations (to be scheduled after add/drop).




Assessment will be continuous and based 100% on coursework. Your final grade will also be affected by attendance and participation.

In-class writing assignments (five, each worth 5%)


Project (making a dictionary; focus individually chosen; to be discussed with instructor)





All readings will be freely provided/available online. Some readings will be required before class.



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