Who speaks the best English in the world?
What is the complaint tradition in the UK? Does it exist in Hong Kong?
Should English be the official language of the USA?
Is African American English simply wrong?
What is linguistic profiling? Why is it a form of discrimination?
Do speakers use lazy pronunciation in Cantonese because they are lazy? (And what are the “hard-working” sounds anyway?)
Is sign language just mime? Is it universal? What is the difference between deaf and Deaf?
Is it true that speakers use code-mixing because they cannot speak either language well?
Do women and men speak differently?  
Who are the Kong Girls and why are they being accused of having “Princess sickness”?




  • Develop students' awareness and critical thinking of language and social discrimination issues
  • Nurture students' intellectual ability in academic reading and writing
  • Enhance deep learning by connecting classroom experience with students' own social world




Lectures, in-class discussion, group research work under guidance




100% coursework

  • Class work and class performance (20%)
  • Critical reading exercises (15% each, total 30%)
  • Group project presentation and peer review (15%)
  • Group project website (30%)
  • Individual post-project reflection (5%)

 Former students’ group project websites can be found here (scroll down to the bottom of the page):





Course material will be available electronically via Moodle or in the library.



Last updated: 30 November 2017