From Sylvia Leung (MAES 2004)

To reminisce about my days at HKU is like listening to Bach’s “Air on the G String”. It makes you feel both old and young. Then, as you finish, you get a sense of homecoming, just like when a first-year student crosses the threshold of the Main Building during their time there. My HKU Exper...Click here for more details.

English Department in bygone days

recently unearthed in the office by Franky Lau   Published on: May 4, 2012 < Back >Click here for more details.

From Salina Wong Ferguson (Salina Wong King Ping, graduated 1980)

This is a far cry from the world I knew at HKU or the Main Building, back when I was in the Class of 1980 at the English Department.  Indeed, it was not a world of clickable Google searches or quick SEND buttons. It was a different era of telegrams, international calls (made possible only at Weste...Click here for more details.

From Fang Hong, Associate Professor

I Remember Her Well One of the crucial steps in my life was taking the PhD program in the School of English, the University of Hong Kong, where I first apprenticed English literature and realized the importance of thinking critically in reading. My experiences in HKU, instead of being a direct fl...Click here for more details.

Memories of the drama lab

Tisa Ho, Executive Director of the Hong Kong International Arts Festival   Drama Lab. Quite a grand name for a tutorial room with windows blacked out. Like the eyes of Oedipus, Vicky Ooi said, watching the panes being darkened one by one. There was an End Stage which was little more than a demarc...Click here for more details.

From Douglas Kerr, Professor

You have probably seen the message from Dr Wendy Gan about the departure of English, with rest of the Arts Faculty, to a new building on the Centenary Campus. As far as we know, this move will happen in the summer of 2012. There is no word yet about who will occupy the Main Building after we’re go...Click here for more details.

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