Dear HKU English alumni,

Recruiting Interviewees for “The Humanities in Higher Education in Hong Kong”

Greetings! I am Flora Mak, research assistant from the Department of English at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I am writing to recruit participants for the General Research Fund (GRF) research project “The Humanities in Higher Education in Hong Kong: Implications for Society and the Individual”.

To introduce, the project aims to investigate the value of higher education in the humanities to Hong Kong society. It is led by Prof. Evelyn Chan, Prof. Michael O’Sullivan, and Prof. Eddie Tay from the Department of English at the CUHK. Between now and December this year, we are interviewing local humanities graduates from 15 to 20 years ago (i.e. Graduate Class 1997-2002), with the objective of exploring how their university education has influenced their life and career development.

The participation from the alumni of the Department of English, The University of Hong Kong, will be crucial as well as valuable in boosting the representativeness of our sample size. To be specific, we will ask each volunteering participant to give a semi-structured, one-off interview. It usually lasts for 40 minutes to 1 hour. We will arrange the time and location flexibly with regards to every interviewee’s schedule.

If you are eager to share the story of your unique career path with us, please send me your email address ( or click “going” at the Facebook Event Page for the specific recruitment:

We would also be grateful if you can share the recruitment message with alumni from other departments of the Faculty of Arts.

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me ( or Prof. Chan ( Thank you!

Best regards,

Flora Mak
Research Assistant
Department of English, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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