Professoriate and Academic-related Staff


Head of School

Professor J. Kuehn
(MA Bonn, MSt Oxon, PhD London, Habilitation Bamberg)
The long nineteenth century; popular literature and culture; critical theory

Tel: 3917-1921 Office: CRT-7.44 Email:




Professor C.M. Hutton
Chair Professor
(MA, DPhil Oxon, MA Columbia)
Sociolinguistics; sociology of language; semantics; semiotics; philosophy of linguistics; criminological linguistics (triad studies); language and the law

Tel: 3917-5142 Office: CRT-8.34 Email:

Professor A. Jaworski
Chair Professor
(MA, PhD Poznan)
Sociolinguistics; discourse analysis; multimodality; language and globalization; linguistic landscapes; language and art
Tel: 3917-7274 Office: CRT-8.42 Email:

Professor K. A. Johnson
(BA Hons, UMich; MA, PhD UPenn)
American literature, colonial through early-twentieth centuries; Native American literatures; race studies; law and literature; anthropology and literature; visual aesthetics; postcolonial theory; history of the novel; transnational dimensions of the China Trade
Tel: 3917-5141 Office: CRT-7.43 Email:

Professor P.K. Richards
(MA, PhD Harvard; MFA Creative Writing, Boston)
Poetry, creative writing, life writing, drama, interdisciplinary theatre practice

Tel: 3917-5145 Office: CRT-7.40 Email:



Associate Professors

Dr W. Gan
(BA, PhD London)
Early twentieth-century women's writing (modernist and non-modernist); the essay genre; Asian film; feminist theory

Tel: 3917-5143 Office: CRT-8.39 Email:

Dr O. Heim
(Lic. phil., PhD Basel)
Postcolonial literature, Pacific writing, island studies, literary and cultural theory

Tel: 3917-2770 Office: CRT-7.41 Email:

Dr J.H.C. Leung
(BA HKU; LLB London; MPhil, PhD Cantab; LLM Yale)
Cognitive approaches to meaning and conceptual organisation; implicit learning of language; language and the law; legal bilingualism and multilingualism; language politics; legal and political communication

Tel: 3917-7932 Office: CRT-8.36 Email:

Dr D. Noël
(MA Antwerp, PhD Ghent)
Cognitive-functional linguistics, grammaticalization, diachronic construction grammar, clausal complementation in English, Dutch-French-English contrastive verb valency, evidentiality, empirical linguistics

Tel: 3917-1922 Office: CRT-7.39 Email:

Dr A. Pablé
integrational linguistics, sociolinguistics, dialectology, semiotics, history of linguistics, translation studies, literary linguistics

Tel: 3917-2750
Office: CRT-8.35 Email:

Dr O. Zayts
(MA; PhD St Petersburg, Russia)
discourse analysis, (interactional) pragmatics, conversation analysis, intercultural communication, professional communication (in particular, in healthcare and business contexts), politeness, identity, leadership

Tel: 3917-7275
Office: CRT-7.38 Email:



Assistant Professors

Dr A. Adair
(BA(Hons)/LLB, DipML, MA Melbourne, MSt Oxon, PhD Yale)
Medieval English literature, Old English, Old Norse, manuscript studies, book history, law and literature, legal history, digital humanities

Tel: 3917-2761 Office: CRT-8.38 Email:

Dr F.L. Blumberg
(BA Amherst; MA Dartmouth; JD Virginia; PhD Stanford)
Early modern literature, poetics, rhetoric, law and literature

Tel: 3917-2764 Office: CRT-8.41 Email:

Dr R. K. W. Chan
(BA&BED, MPhil HKU; MPhil, PhD Cantab)
Experimental Phonetics, forensic phonetics, prosody, psycholinguistics, second language acquisition, implicit and explicit language learning, English in Hong Kong

Tel: 3917-4487 Office: CRT-8.49 Email:

Dr B. Chua
(BA, PhD Melbourne)
17th and 18th Century British Literature; Literature and Jacobitism; Critical Theory; History of Sexualities; Religion and Literature; History of the Novel; Shakespeare Adaptation Studies

Tel: 3917-7938 Office: CRT-8.40 Email:

Dr E. Ho
(BA Smith; MA U of Vermont; PhD Rutgers)
Contemporary literature, postcolonial theory and fiction, neo-Victorian studies; comics and graphic novels, global literatures in English, and geo-humanities

Tel: 3917-2766 Office: CRT-8.43 Email:

Dr B. King
(BA, BED Calgary; MA, Leicester; PhD Vic Wellington)
Discourse analysis, critical sociolinguistics, gender, sexuality, linguistic landscapes, health communication (particularly in relation to intersex and differences of sexual development)

Tel: 3917-4474 Office: CRT-8.48 Email:

Dr des R. D. Nicholson
(MA ULB, Copenhagen; PhD Munich)
South Asian drama and linguistics, Palestinian theatre, globalisation of opera, world literature

Tel: 3917-2871 Office: CRT-7.42 Email:

Dr J. N. Singh
(MA Mainz; MA, PhD Cardiff)
Sociolinguistics, Linguistic Ethnography, Discourse Analysis, World Englishes, Global Hip Hop Linguistics

Tel: 3917-7281 Office: CRT-8.63 Email:

Dr J.R. Valdez
(BA, MA, PhD Johns Hopkins)
Nineteenth-century British literature and culture, the novel, popular literature, literary theory

Tel: 3917-2754 Office: CRT-8.37 Email:



MAES Programme Directors

Dr A. Cheung
(BA, MA London; MPhil, PhD Cantab)
Assistant Professor
Tel: 3917-5144 Office: CRT-7.49 Email:

Dr H. Hwang
(BA Harvard; MA, PhD London)
Associate Professor

Tel: 3917-5144 Office: CRT-7.49 Email:



Society of Fellows

Dr A. Gunaratne
(B.A. Mount Holyoke College; PhD Princeton University)
Postcolonial Literature and Theory; Global Anglophone and World Literature; Revolutionary Histories of the Third World; Law and Literature; Literary/Critical Theory
Tel: 3917-1467 Office: G/F Run Run Shaw Heritage House Email:

Dr B. Harper
(MA MPhil Cantab; MA MPhil PhD Yale; MA SOAS, University of London)
Comparative literature; Classical and early modern poetry and drama; epic; tragedy; Chinese philosophy and pre-modern poetry; East-West studies
Tel: 4610-7112 Office: G/F Run Run Shaw Heritage House Email:

Dr H. Hulme
(BA Leeds; MA, PhD University College London)
Contemporary literature; twentieth-century literature; literary theory; ethics of literature; translation studies; bilingualism; hospitality; nomadism
Tel: 3917-1467 Office: G/F Run Run Shaw Heritage House Email:

Dr D. Karlander
(BA, MA Uppsala, PhD Stockholm)
Historical epistemology, philosophical anthropology, semiotics, sociolinguistics

Tel: 3917-1467 Office: G/F Run Run Shaw Heritage House Email:



Visiting Professor

Professor A. Bell
(Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand)
Visiting Research Professor



Visiting Lecturers

Dr C. Dawson
(BA Durham; MA York; PhD Durhan)
Tel: 3917-4475 Office: CRT-7.51 Email:

Mr M. Mandlin
(BA Bard, MFA Boston)



Teaching Assistants

Mr George Cheng
(B.A. H.K., M.Phil H.K.)
Tel: 3917-7279 Office: CRT-7.59 Email:

Dr Jennifer Gresham
(BA MA U of T; PhD HKU)
Tel: 3917-7279 Office: CRT-7.59 Email:

Ms Sophia To
(BA HKU, MLE Canada)
Tel: 3917-7279 Office: CRT-7.59 Email:

Mr Vincent Tse
Tel: 3917-7279 Office: CRT-7.59 Email:

Dr Bobo Wong
Tel: 3917-7279 Office: CRT-7.59 Email:

Mr Jasper Wu
Tel: 3917-7279 Office: CRT-7.59 Email:



Honorary and Adjunct Teachers

Dr B. Bolander
(MA Bern; PhD Basel)
Assistant Professor

Mr J. Chan
Tel:3917-5146 Office: CRT-7.50 Email:

Dr P. Chan
(BA, MA HKU; DipEd CUHK; PhD Nottingham)
Associate Professor

Office: CRT-7.50 Email:

Dr K. Chen
(BA, M.Phil HKU; MA, PhD U Michigan)
Associate Professor

Professor A. Durant
(MA, PhD Cantab)


Dr L. Gattass
(BA Columbia University; MA, PhD PUC-Rio)
Assistant Professor

Dr G. Gould
Associate Professor


Professor E.Y.L. Ho
(BA, MPhil HK; PhD London)

Dr W.S.Y. Ho
(BA CityU, Dip CIOLHKS, PGDE HKU, MSt Oxon, PhD Lancaster, LCGI)

Office: CRT-7.51 Email:

Dr A. Kang
(BA (Cornell); MA, PhD (UC Santa Barbara))
Principal Lecturer

Office: CRT-7.51 Email:

Dr P. Kennedy
(Ed.D. (Bristol), M.Phil. (Dublin), M.A. (Essex), M.A. (Sussex), B.A. (Wales), Cert. Ed. (L/don))
Associate Professor

Office: CRT-7.48 Email:

Professor D.W.F. Kerr
(MA Cantab; PhD Warwick)

Ms C. Lam
(BA HKU; MPhil Cantab)
Tel: 3917-5146 Office: CRT-7.50 Email:

Dr L. Lim
(BA NUS; PhD Reading)

Associate Professor

Dr N. Luke
(BA, LLB Queensland; MSt, DPhil Oxford)
Assistant Professor

Tel: 3917-4475 Office: CRT-7.51 Email:

Dr J. McMahon
(AB Lafayette College, MA BU, PhD CUNY)
Associate Professor


Dr J. Orman
(BA, MA, PhD London)
Assistant Professor

Dr J. Parker
(BA (Cantab), MA, PhD (Leeds))
Assistant Professor

Tel: 3917-4475 Office: CRT-7.51 Email:

Dr H. Rambukwella
(BA (Hon) Peradeniya; PhD HKU)
Assistant Professor


Dr P. Smethurst
(BA, PhD London)
Associate Professor

Professor Q.S. Tong
(Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou)

Dr M. Wan
Associate Professor
Tel: 3917-4349 Office: CCT- 6.16, Cheng Yu Tung Tower, Centennial Campus

Dr A. Weisberg-Roberts
(BA USC; MA, PhD Courtauld, London)
Assistant Professor

Dr M. L-Y Wong
(BA, MPhil HKU; PhD Lancaster)

Associate Professor
Tel: 3917-5146 Office: CRT- 7.50 Email:

Dr N. Zhang
(BA, MA Fudan; MA PhD Johns Hopkins)
Assistant Professor




Last updated: 20 May 2019