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LCOM Papers is an e-journal issued by the 'Programme in Language and Communication' in the School of English at The University of Hong Kong.
Every year it publishes selected papers written by students in courses offered by the programme and by students enrolled in English language courses in the School of English.

Please reference this journal as:
LCOM Papers. Online Journal of the 'Programme in Language and Communication' at the School of English, The University of Hong Kong. Hong Kong.

The LCOM Papers are edited by the students of LCOM3003 under the supervision of:
Dr. Hans-Georg Wolf (Associate Professor, Programme Coordinator)
Dr. Stephanie Schnurr (Assistant Professor in the Programme)

Editorial assistance is provided by Bernie Mak, and the website was conceived by Dr. Frank Polzenhagen.

For all issues concerning individual papers, please contact the authors.
The editors may be contacted via

Legal notice
Copyrights for the papers published by the journal remain
with the individual authors. The individual authors are solely responsible for the contents of their papers.


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